Manage your calendars in one place.

What is Allcal?

We are the community-driven calendar app that helps you get together with the people who matter. Allcal is about making it easier to connect with your community through your calendar. It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a big 3-day conference or a monthly game night - Allcal helps you keep everyone updated, organized, and ready for the next big event.

Who is Allcal for? What can Allcal be used for?​

Allcal can be used by everybody for a variety of use-cases. Listed below you will find some of the more obvious usecases of Allcal has helped people in their situations

Use Allcal for all your personal schedules – planning a family dinner or inviting your parents to your kid’s soccer game? Find out why Allcal makes your life so much easier.

Selling tickets should not be a hassle. We charge a very low service fee and 0% of the ticket price. Get instant payouts. Find out more.

Film Festivals

Hosting a film festival? Have to manage tons of movies & people visiting? Need to Issue tickets? Find out why Allcal is the best solution for managing film festivals with ease.

Event Management

Conducting an event with 1000s of people? Looking for a one stop solution to all your event management app? Look no further. See how Allcal can help you plan and manage events with ease.


Find out how Allcal can help cities convey information better to their citizens.

Why Allcal?

There isn't a single solution for managing your continuously. That is why we have created Allcal. We continuously keep adding features to our native apps across platforms. Below are some of our top features.

Real-time Updates

Stay updated about any changes to the event? Event location has been changed? No worries. All people going to the event will receive notiications.


With our new chat, you can easily keep in touch with all the members of your calendars (groups). You can also message them privately.


Want to get fancy? Add tickets to your events and your guests can get tickets with QR codes (Paid tickets coming soon)


With our all new Shifts platform, small businesses can manage their operations effectively right from their phone.


Check out our curated collection of calendars. They help you follow your favorite sports team or your favorite theatre. Follow our movies release calendar.

Native Mobile Apps

Allcal offers completely native apps that provide the same great experience across platforms - iOS, Android or the web.


For the power users, we have a completely new dashboard that lets you manage events, members, etch very easily.


Allcal's platform lets you easily connect to a Kiosk over HDMI and effortlessly manage content that shows up there.

Custom App? Enterprise Edition?

Talk to us. We take care of your custom requirements and provide solutions using Allcal platform for your needs.

What others are saying about Allcal?

Listen to what others, who have used Allcal for their needs, have to say.

This app was a great choice for our event. I believe our event brought a new dynamic to Allcal and they absolutely handled it with ease.
Lacie Coburn, HMCC
Program Manager at Unbridled Solutions

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