5 Awesomely Unique Halloween Party Ideas

Two-faces_Glinner_and_Mrs_Glinner_and_friends,_Hallowe'en_Party Halloween may be the perfect holiday. It has all the ingredients for a good time – fun outfits, scary surprises, and an excuse to eat tons of candy. But that doesn’t mean you and your friends can’t mix it up a little! Our quick and easy app lets you share an entire calendar or just individual events. Check out these five unique Halloween party ideas this year, then use the free scheduling app allcal to make plans with friends.

  1. Host a Haunted House Instead of just going to a Haunted House this year, you and your friends can create your own! Turn your house into a gloomy dungeon or haunted graveyard, then make a path through your house. Ask friends and family to come over in their scariest costumes and make sure each person hides along the route. When trick-or-treaters stop by for Halloween, they’ll have to go through your Haunted House – and all your spooky guests – to get to the candy!
  2. Chinese Halloween We’ve all heard of Chinese Christmas – but Chinese Halloween? Here’s how it works: Everyone brings a wrapped costume to the party. Start by having one person open a costume. The next person either gets to steal that costume, or open a new one. Keep playing until each costume has been opened, then everyone has to put on the one they ended up with! NOTE: The crazier the costumes, the better!
  3. Get Into the Spirit Traditionally, Halloween is known as the Day of the Dead – so why not invite a few Spirits over? Whether or not you believe in it all, you and your friends will have fun exploring the spiritual world. Try hiring a professional Medium or Psychic to read fortunes or speak to the dead, or DIY by using a Quija board or Tarot cards to connect with spirits.
  4. Visit a Haunted Place Spooky, unexplainable things happen all over the world – and chances are there’s a place like that near you. This Halloween weekend, find a haunted building, graveyard or place to explore with your friends. Some websites let you search for haunted places in your area. Once you find a spot, create an event and share it with friends on allcal. On your shared friends calendar, you can even chat about the event and make plans for car pooling, bringing food and more.
  5. The Amazingly Gory Race Team up with people in your neighborhood to put together an Amazing Race-style game featuring plenty of gory challenges. At each house, prepare a spooky dish such as Eye-Scream Balls or Jello Blood Worms. To get to the next clue, each contestant has to eat part of the dish and take a picture for proof! Both adults and kids will have a ton of fun daring each other to take a bite out of these gory dishes.

Feel free to create your own public calendar on Allcal to promote cool Halloween events in your city!

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  1. Alex Marciuc

    Nice ideas, i had mine a bit different, but will tell you more later.

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