6 Tips for Saving Time

These days it’s tough to manage time efficiently. To help all who struggle with time management – or those who simply love finding ways to save even more time – here are six easy-to-follow tips for saving time.

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1. Plan ahead: Prepare tasks ahead of time so there is no rushing to get a lot done quickly.

Plan meals, prepare them the night before, and make sure important things like keys and your wallet are ready to go.  Save even more time by doing multiple errands at once, such as a big grocery shopping trip instead of everyday little shopping trips

2. Shun the Snooze: Set your alarm at the latest time possible and make sure to wake up when the alarm goes off. 

It should come as a no-brainer that the best thing is to get up right when the alarm sounds, but how many of us actually do that? It’s easy to want to save fleeting moments of sleep (I mean they have the snooze button there for a reason right?), but getting up right at the first alarm is healthier and saves time.

3. Learn to unplug: Select the “Do Not Disturb” option on your cell phone.

 Try to stay away from people and technology that can distract from the tasks at hand. People are great, but they can also be a great big distraction. Long conversations can take people away from important assignments and it can take awhile to regain concentration.

4. Take a break: To keep a balance between work and social media, try focusing on a task for 50 minutes then take a 10 minute break on social media.

Technology can be a big interruption. Whenever there is a big project to do, disconnect from technology and the internet to keep the focus going.

5. Just Say No: Estimate how much time you’ll need for each task and learn to say no to anything you don’t have time for. 

This is the best time management tip for professionals. If it feels like there’s way too much to do, say no to doing some projects. To not leave colleagues out to dry, try working on it at a later time, or ask other coworkers that aren’t as busy if they can work on the tasks. Outside of the workplace, delegate chores around the house to the kids to get them involved and reduce stress.

6. Share the Load: Keep up with every part of your life with a shared calendar.

Time management expert Dave Crenshaw says that if a task takes “longer than 15 minutes, put it on your calendar”. But what if you could let others help plan your events? With allcal, users have the option to share their calendar with friends and family, so they can view, add, edit, and share events for you. That means you can keep track of your day, without having to add every single event yourself. Saving time isn’t so hard after all.

Download the free shared calendar allcal app today in the Apple App Store.

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