A Tech Writer’s Guide to Writing a Calendar Description

Public Calendar Search_DallasA great public calendar is great from the start – when you pick the name, cover photo, and description.

But how do you know you wrote a good description? Luckily for you, I’m Kiara – Allcal’s resident calendar description expert. I’m a technical writer by trade and have written literally hundreds of calendar descriptions for Allcal.

So I know firsthand how an exciting description can encourage a new fan to add your calendar, and how well-picked keywords can help boost your Public Calendar Ranking (PCR).

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Whether you’re creating a Public Calendar for your volunteer troupe, intramural volleyball team, or local dancehall, these tips will help your calendar get discovered – by both long-time and brand new fans.

A Tech Writer’s Tips for Writing a Calendar Description

1. Use Relevant Keywords: People searching through our public calendar database will be more likely to find your calendar if you put a lot of relevant key terms into your description.

For example, if you are a part of an eclectic rock band, add words such as rock, music, punk, metal, hard rock, progressive rock, and other terms that your band could associate with.

If you are in charge of an ice cream parlor that has new specials every day, use words such as ice cream, dessert, cafe, food, and other terms in your calendar.

2. Add Location Terms: Allcal’s public calendar database sorts calendars by location, so calendars with location terms in your area will appear ahead of other calendars.

Use this to your advantage by adding the names of cities your calendar is in and around.

For instance, if you are in charge of a little league baseball team and you want everyone in the city of Denton to know about the team, make sure to put Denton, Texas in the calendar description. You may also want to include surrounding cities such as Ponder, Krum, Argyle, etc.

3. Make Your Calendar Description Descriptive: You can’t get anyone interested in your calendar if it doesn’t have enough information.

It doesn’t have to be pages long, but make sure that someone that doesn’t know anything about your calendar can understand what it’s about.

4. Watch Your Grammar: You won’t persuade anyone to download your calendar if they can’t understand what you’re saying. Make sure to keep your grammar and spelling errors in check so people don’t confuse your desert-themed amusement park with delicious treats you eat after dinner!

5. Keep It Catchy: The best calendar descriptions are informative and interesting. Keep users entertained with a description that makes your calendar fun and worth a second glance.

For instance, an example that sounds like a nature documentary:

“The Great Zambini circus entertainer performs in the greater Houston area and tours across Texas.”

Bad Description

But that does not sound as eye-catching as:

“The fantastical, the extraordinary, the Great Zambini! Watch him perform his spectacular heart-stopping feats of superhuman acrobatics and out of this world comedy in Houston and during tours across the Lone Star State!”

Good Description


Following those tips will help you get on your way to being the best and most popular calendar on Allcal!

For more help with creating the best public calendar possible, check out our website and download our social planning app.

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