Allcal Releases Biggest Update Yet

UntitledUntitledThe Allcal Team is thrilled to announce that our app’s latest version is ready, and it’s BIG…so big that it needed a new number.

You were with us on the latest release of allcal 1.5, but due to the high amount of new features we’ve developed and the implementation of a new interface, we’re skipping a few numbers and calling this update Version 2.0.

Rarely do you see a product make so many improvements in such a short period of time, but we’ve listened to your feedback and our team has been working around the clock to address the needs of users.

We strive to be more than just a calendar app, but a tool that makes planning and scheduling as simple as possible – even your cat will be surprised! Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Allcal 2.0!

Surprised Cat


1. Brand New Design

Design Comparison

With the latest update, allcal has a brand new interface that makes the user experience even better than before. We’ve made changes to make certain features easier to access and less confusing for those who might not be as tech savvy.

For instance, we’ve moved our main menu (three horizontal lines) to the upper left corner of the screen, with today’s date to the immediate right.

We’ve made things easier to search by enlarging the magnifying glass and relocating it under the Notification Center to make it stand out. We’ve placed icons next to My Calendars and Public Calendars to make users aware of what section you’re in within the app and made it easier to make calendars by creating an “Add Calendar” option in the main menu.

We moved the Notification Center to the top right corner of the app and lastly made the entire top section of the app a dark grey color to make the text easier to read.

Not a bad makeover huh? Now not only do users have an app that specializes in productivity, but is also easy on the eyes. However, we didn’t just stop at the aesthetics; we took the user experience to a whole different level.

2. 1-to-1 Notifications

New Notification Center

All in all notifications have the same functionality as previous versions, with the exception of one minor addition.

Now with allcal 2.0 you can tap on the notification and it will take you directly to the calendar or event you just accepted, view the changes that were just made to an event or view a chat message you received.

This cuts down on the amount of steps one has to take in order to view things quickly. Whereas in previous versions you would have to search for the calendar/event added or wonder what changes have been made to an event, in this version we’ve put an emphasis on app intuitiveness and made reaching your events/calendars as easy as possible.

Don’t believe me? Download the latest update and see for yourself. You won’t believe how fast you’ll be able to access information.



Event Photo 2

3. Event Photos

One of the most highly anticipated new features to the app has been the addition of event photos. These highly coveted photos are very popular and are useful with every organization or group you can think of.

This is just the latest step in our team’s goal to give you the most customizable calendar and schedule possible. No longer are allcal users limited to photos for their calendars or chat, but now are exposed to a wide range of options in terms of creating events.

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From a company’s annual picnic, all the way to meeting up with friends for dinner, get everyone excited for your event with an awesome picture. The feature also works for Public Events, which will help small businesses promote their events to everyone.




If you thought inputing a location for an event was cool, wait until you hear about this. Allcal has rolled out an RSVP/Event Location feature that shows other users estimated time of arrival in relation to where an event is taking place.

This function not only let’s users see how far away everyone is, but also is able to keep track of everyone invited to the event as well. No more need to send out those pesky RSVP invitations through the mail (as if anyone responded to those things anyway) when you have a feature that keeps the list for you right from your favorite app.

The downside? No longer can your buddies lie about being “right around the corner” when you’re able to track exactly how far away they are with ETA. The good thing is you can send them a chat message to nudge them along or if you’re really ticked off, call them up and tell them exactly how far away they are with a screenshot of allcal to let them know others are waiting.

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We’re not saying use allcal to track all of your friends whereabouts, but it does come in handy when dinner reservations have been made or events are scheduled that require people to arrive on time.




5. iPad Version 

We didn’t forget about our tablet users or people who have different types of devices either. With allcal 2.0, it is the very first version available for iPad that has the same look and functionality of the phone app.

Not near a computer or would prefer to use your tablet for browsing? No problem. All you have to do is go to the Apple App Store and download the latest version of allcal from your iPad.

Although before this version you could still use the desktop app to access allcal, we pride ourselves on being multi-platform and providing a service of convenience when it comes to our users. Who wants to login and register on a website every time when you can access the app with the tap of a finger?

That’s why allcal places high emphasis on user experience and making our product as easy to access as possible.



6. Web App 2.0

New Web App

To describe the web app in its entirety, it would take another whole blog post to explain. In fact you can refer to one of our previous blog posts about how to use our web app to make it easier for you.

However, what that article doesn’t include are features released in regards to allcal 2.0 that make your allcal experience on the web as effective, if not more effective than the phone app. With the newest version of the web app, on allcal 2.0 you can add event images, utilize ETA/RSVP, search invitees and more. You can even link events from one calendar to another just like you can with the phone app!

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The desktop app also includes a monthly calendar view (exclusive to the desktop app) and a + icon to the right of My Calendars for easy-to-access calendar creation. Create as many calendars as you want with as many events as you would like with the allcal site that lends itself to quick content creation. On the desktop app, you can create an entire calendar within a matter of minutes, with it strictly being limited to how fast you can type.

Don’t forget to share your calendar or events after you’ve created them. Invite friends, loved ones, co-workers, and anyone you can think of to join in the fun.

7. Improved Email System and Invitations

Email Event Invitation

Just when you thought the update couldn’t get any better, it does. We didn’t just stick to making changes within the app itself, rather we’ve integrated an entire new email system for users of allcal as well.

Users can now accept invites to calendars and events through email and be taken right to them by simply clicking. This function is the most useful if you don’t have notifications set for allcal and someone is trying to share something important with you or you haven’t had time to check your app.

You can also follow us on all of our available social media accounts or email the allcal team if you have any questions on how to access your newly shared events. Soon we will also have an allcal newsletter that users can subscribe to in order to get the latest information and updates from allcal and read some of our entertaining news articles.




See! We weren’t kidding when we said there are a TON of new features on Version 2.0.

But if you think we’ll stop at 2.0, the best is yet to come! We undoubtedly have a long way to go, but for now we’ll give ourselves a high five.

Feeling Proud

Thank you for using allcal and being a part of our family as we continue to try and provide excellent service in planning and event management. If you haven’t already, you can download allcal from the App Store or register online to create an account to have access to all these amazing new features.

Do you love what we’ve done so far or have any suggestions for improvements we can make? Reference our blog or email us at and we’ll be sure to get back to you in less than 24 hours.

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