The Allcal Team Tackles TML

The Allcal Team headed south to show off our free calendar app at the Texas Municipal League Conference in Houston.

The Allcal Team striking a pose at the TML Conference

The 3-day-long trade show gave us plenty of opportunities to introduce our app to new users, particularly local municipalities that are looking for a better way to schedule their cities.

Why cities need allcal

We learned that a lot of cities don’t have a convenient way to share events, both internally and with their citizens. Many have a website with all their public events, but they usually have to go through the IT person or secretary to simply add or change an event. For anyone trying to get information out quickly, or edit something last-minute, this can be a difficult task.

During our demos, we showed how allcal can be used to fix this problem, by letting anyone with access to a city’s calendar edit or add an event on-the-go. Our system also allows cities to create multiple calendars for their different departments, which allows each group to keep track of their own calendar.

For example, the Librarian can have complete control over the city’s Public Library calendar and add or edit events quickly, without going through the IT person or secretary. Then, with a quick tap on the link button next to the event, the secretary or city manager can put all the Library events directly on the main city calendar.

To read more about how this works, click here.

How much will this cost me?

After demonstrating how allcal could revamp their entire city calendar solution, attendees often asked how much our app cost.

“It’s free,” we said. “No really!”

As we explained at the TML Conference, we are currently looking for new users, as well as feedback on our product. By working closely with cities to help implement allcal, our team will learn more about what it takes to create a truly useful system. So cities get a free scheduling solution, and we get valuable input – it’s a win-win!

More free stuff

As if a free app wasn’t enough, we even gave away a free iPad Air during the TML convention.

More than 100 people entered to win the free iPad Air

By simply filling out a quick survey and dropping in their business cards, attendees were automatically entered to win the iPad. We got several entries from more than 60 cities all over Texas, including:

One of the Port Lavaca crew helped us out with picking the winner – hoping she’d pick the name of someone from her team of course! But the winner was Alexandra Dietrich from the City of Webster.

CEO Daniel Cocanougher revealing the winner of our free iPad giveaway

Dietrich was not able to pick up the iPad, but luckily one of her colleagues, Webster City Secretary Pauline Small, was able to stop by the booth and grab it for her! Congrats again Dietrich – hope you enjoy that iPad (and download allcal on it of course!).

Pauline Small accepting the free iPad on the winner’s behalf

What’s next?

Our first convention was so great, that we’ve already got another one lined up. We’ll be at the International Economic Development Council Annual Conference in Fort Worth from October 19-22.

If you’re attending the IEDC Conference, we’d love to meet you! Send us an email at to set up a meeting or stop by our booth anytime!

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