Allcal Team Working to Fix Problems with iOS 8.3 Update

– Update – 

Allcal released Version on April 22, which fixed the crash occurring with iOS 8.3.

Get the update here.

– Original post- 

Apple’s latest iOS update brought tons of new cute emojis – yay! – but also created a few problems for the Allcal app – boo….

But a fix is on the way!

Any Allcal user that has updated to iOS 8.3 will have problems creating and editing an event. Specifically, there is a problem with creating or changing the time associated with the event.

Our Support Team has already submitted a fix to the Apple App Store, but in the meantime you can make any necessary changes through the free Allcal web app. Sign in with the same account you use on your iPhone, and you will be able to access all your calendars, events, and information.

We apologize for the bug, and are currently working to get the problem fixed ASAP. We appreciate your business and will do anything we can to make sure our app works well for you and your team.

If you have any more problems, please contact our team directly at

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