August’s Wacky Holidays

fun friends groupIt’s the last month of summer! Did you spend it doing great things like we suggested in June? Or did you spend it eating every food on the July Wacky Holidays list and watching way too many Netflix movies? Well now’s the time to make up for lost time by starting some new hobbies. Luckily for you, August is packed with some weird holidays celebrating even weirder hobbies.

August 1- Spider-man Day
Start off August by celebrating one of the many super hero legends – Spider-man. You can either go old school by reading the comics, or watch all those movies Hollywood just won’t stop making.

August 3- International Friendship Day
Remember that French pen pal you had years ago before there was Facebook? Well now there’s Facebook. So go say hi. Hopefully you’re still friends.

August 7- National Lighthouse Day
Now here’s the sort of hobby that will set you apart. Celebrate by visiting a nearby lighthouse. Not close enough to water? Maybe start collecting figurines instead.

August 8- International Cat Day
Proudly spend today filming fun videos of your cat staring at you, or watching videos of other people’s cats staring at them.

August 9- Book Lover’s Day
Embrace your inner book lover by grabbing a long-forgotten favorite off your shelf.

August 11- Presidential Joke Day
Get your comedy career started with a nice crack about the leader of the free world. Hopefully people think you’re fun.

Q: How did Barack Obama propose to Michelle Robinson?
A: He got down on one knee and said “I don’t wanna be O-bah-ma self”. source

Good one am I right???

August 14- National Creamsicle Day
No, we’re not celebrating food anymore. That was July. Okay fine, but only one.

August 15- National Relaxation Day
NO, we’re not celebrating being lazy anymore either. Man – July really got y’all off your game.

August 16- International Geocaching Day
Join this group of international treasure* trackers by finding a geochache of your own. You’ll need a GPS and probably a lot of patience.

*We’re using the term “treasure” loosely…

August 18- Bad Poetry Day
Today not only gives you a chance to learn about poetry, but even try out some of your own. Because if it’s bad – you’re on the right track! If you need some encouragement, find a local poetry slam group near you.

August 19- Photography Day
Take a break from all the selfies and point that lens to the outside world. Even if you’re new to photography, it’s likely you’ll get at least one Instagram-worthy shot.

August 20- National Radio Day
“Video killed the radio store,” but you might as well spend the day in a shiny tuxedo jacket and singing along to the Buggles.

August 21- Poet’s Day
Well we have to recover somehow from that tragic bad poetry day so here’s just Poet’s Day. Pick up that old book of Shakespearean sonnets to purge whatever mess you put together on August 18.

August 23- Valentino Day
Today marks the death of the first ever Hollywood heartthrob, Rudolph Valentino. The French and Italian actor was so beloved, that his public viewing caused a riot in New York City. You don’t have to celebrate quite that hard – watching a Hollywood classic should suffice.

August 24- Pluto Demoted Day
Let’s all take time today to mourn the space rock that used to be a planet. And what better place than a local planetarium. Organize a group to go spend a starless evening looking up at the sky.

August 26- National Dog Day
Here’s a day for all you dog lovers to show off your prize pooches at a local dog park. Maybe even organize a fun party for your pups, their favorite play buddies and their humans using the allcal app!

August 28- Bow Tie Day
Today should be about embracing your unique style. Whether its a bow tie, baseball cap or bunny ears – use this holiday to celebrate your inner fashionista.

August 31- Eat Outside Day
This day, break out the old pic-a-nic baskets and head outside to eat. Gather a group of your friends together to enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

Now that you’ve gotten plenty of ideas for wacky holidays and hobbies to keep you busy this summer, it’s time to start celebrating! Pick your favorites and plan fun, unique events for your family and friends. Using the allcal app, you can add each one-of-a-kind event to your shared calendar, making it easy for everyone to get together and try something new.

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