Back-To-School: Family Edition

Get your family on Allcal_smallIt’s that time of the year.

Time to get your family, your kids, and yourself out of that summer slump and ready for new class schedules, sport practices, and after-school study sessions.

Download the Allcal family calendar app on your iPhone or on your Android

There are plenty of ways to make the transition a little easier, so we put together some of our favorite back-to-school tips below.

These tips, along with an organized family calendar on Allcal, will help make for a very successful back-to-school experience!

1. Routines are good

With summer ending, your kids are used to staying up late, eating whenever they want, and playing on a whim.

Start putting routine back in their daily schedules.

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Plan meals at a certain time everyday to get them used to the school lunch schedules. Implement a bed time and a wake up time. Have them go to bed early and wake up at a decent hour to prepare them for the early and long days ahead.

2. Health is key

Make sure your child is up to date on all of their required school vaccinations and physicals – especially if they play sports.

Keep track of their exercise and eating habits in order to ensure that they won’t be coming down with anything before the first day of school.

3. First day of school fashion

Don’t leave this crucial decision to chance.

No matter how old your children, make sure they pick a first day of school outfit and lay it out the night before. With this one step, you’ve already eliminated 20-30 minutes of unnecessary stress!

family-events-plan4. Meet and greet with the teacher

If the school doesn’t plan to have a meet and greet, make sure to set up a meeting with your child’s new teacher to introduce yourself.

This can be casual – you just want to make sure the teacher knows you and your child. This will help ensure good communication about what’s going on at school throughout the year.

5. Share your schedules

After you know the school and class schedules, get you family on the same page with a private family calendar from Allcal.

Download the Allcal family calendar app on your iPhone or on your Android

Allcal helps you keep track of each kid, your spouse AND yourself – all in one place. This will also make it easier to get everyone on the same page when you change plans at the last minute.

6. Add events

Fill those calendars up with all the events for the upcoming school year – basketball games, science fair, parent-teacher conferences, etc.

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Recording these events can help you keep track of your busy day without any extra effort. Go to the Public Calendars to see if your school already has an Allcal calendar with all its big events – if not, help the school get on Allcal!

7. Put it in writing

Slip a first-day-of school note into your kids lunch, ensuring the perfect combination of sweetness and public humiliation.

PS. Even if they act embarrassed, they’ll appreciate all those notes they had when they head off to college – trust us!

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