A Better Way to Plan Your Day

When it comes to calendars and scheduling, most people are doing it wrong. But don’t worry, there is a better way to plan your day and connect with people who matter – Allcal’s SOCIAL PLANNING™ app.

How does it work?

The free calendar tool was founded with the goal to make scheduling and event-management better than ever. Most people create calendars on an individual basis. They build their own schedule into little square boxes, compare those square boxes to those of friends and family, then go back to the original square boxes to keep track of their day.

The Allcal team decided there was a better way  to plan your day and it all came down to one feature – sharing. scheduling events friends

The ability to share not only events, but an entire calendar with someone is very powerful. It removes the back-and-forth of scheduling, by giving people who matter direct access to your calendar. It also saves time by allowing people to simply place an event on their own calendar, instead of copying each and every detail manually.

It’s time for people to quit solo-planning and take advantage of our SOCIAL PLANNING™ solution.

What about the other guys?

Many solutions have tried to master the complicated idea of sharing – Google calendar, UpTo, Microsoft Outlook – but still fell short. The Allcal team knew it would be tough, but decided to make sharing our #1 priority.

We wanted to make sure we had the quickest, easiest and most effective sharing calendar on the market. It’s not perfect yet, but we’re getting close! In the meantime, we could use your help making Allcal a truly life-changing solution.

You’ll soon be able to download the free Allcal app in the Apple app store. To know exactly when it’s ready, send us an email for a personal invitation.

We love feedback from our friends, so please feel free to send any other questions, concerns, tips, etc. to team@allcal.com.

Happy sharing! – You’re friends, the Allcal team


  1. Ariel garcia

    Hello guys,

    My name is Ariel, and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    I’m writing because i just downloaded your app and i’m starting to use it, and i’m not sure if I’m missing a feature, but the thing is I’m having the following issue:

    for example, i want to share with my girlfriend my university schedule, like which days I’m going to class, and in my case, im going like on wednesdays and fridays, so i’ve added a new calendar, and shared it with her, and when I added my clases, like wednesday class, starting, let say today, and finishing on december, and my friday classes, starting today and finishing on december, the thing is that the calendar is finding like a conflict between these two classes like if they were on the same day, or everyday by default, but i put there like Wednesday classes, on wednesday, and friday classes, on fridays which means that these classes will never get in conflict.

    is there a way like to configure an item to be repeated each friday at some time, like my university classes, and not having this conflict between these two items that are not supposed to be in conflict?

    hope you get to understand my issue. thanks for the help, please let me know if you need any further info.

    thanks and regards.

    nice app by the way.

    • Danielle Cocanougher

      Hey Ariel,

      It sounds like the best solution for you would be creating Repeating Events that occur every Wednesday and Friday until December. This feature is not on our app YET, but WILL be in Version 1.2 – which should be available very soon.

      Keep an eye on our blog and App Store updates to know exactly when you can get Version 1.2.

      Thank you very much for your feedback and please contact us with any other issues or questions you may have!

      Allcal Team

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