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Make scheduling and coordinating easy with Allcal’s real-time calendar tool.

The free app – available on iPhone, Android, and Desktop – will let you create a mobile schedule for your event, business or venue that you can share with anyone.

Festivals, Conferences, and Community Events

Denton Day of the Dead_1

Each year, the City of Denton, Texas launches a Day of the Dead festival like no other… complete with coffin races, ghoulish parades, live music, and concessions galore.

But when this year’s festival was threatened with rain, the organizers had to cancel events, switch bands to different stages, and make last-minute substitutions.

Fortunately they had Allcal, which let them make every change quickly and easily, right on their phones.

All changes were immediately posted and users could get  real time update as the day progressed. So the spooky event was able to be a little less terrifying.


Scheduling in Real-Time

Allcal makes coordinating easy by putting everyone’s schedule in one place.

It works for any size company – hundreds or just a handful – plus keeps everybody updated. The app sends pop-up notifications anytime there’s an important change, so you can feel confident the change was communicated to your entire team.

“Our resident artists have training, rehearsal, and performance schedules that can change by the minute,” Hannah Guinn, Fort Worth Opera’s Managing Director, said. “With Allcal’s ability to send push notifications to our artists’ phones, we can know that they are fully updated the second they need to be.” 

Allcal stays updated in real-time, so everyone will get the latest schedule.


We’ll Help You Get Your Business on Allcal

Change is Hard2

We know changing the way you schedule can be a risky proposition… After all, your clients are your lifeline. And nothing is more frustrating than having to reschedule and apologize for any confusion about dates and times.

That’s why we want to make it easy for you to get started.

For new Allcal users, we offer a free, 30-minute training session for you and your team. During this session, we’ll show you all of Allcal’s unique scheduling features and even get you started with creating and sharing your first calendar.

To take advantage of this Business Owner Special, contact:

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