Allcal News

Startups Shine at Collision Conference in Vegas

After being chosen to exhibit at the inaugural Collision Conference in Downtown Las Vegas May 5-6 the Allcal Team spent two days pitching, showing off our unique scheduling app and bragging about how we’re going to kill Google Calendar. … Read More

Allcal Organizes Fiji Islander Events at UNT

Coming off the highly successful campaign of sponsoring UT Roundup and the ‘Not On My Campus’ initiative in Austin, TX, allcal recently undertook organizing more Greek life events – this time at the University of North Texas in Denton. … Read More

Update Debuts Better Way to See All of Your Events

A calendar for every part of your life is great – but what do you do when you just want to manage all your work schedules, or see what all your kids are up to? Our new All Events feature let’s you see all the calendars and events that matter to you in one view, without switching from calendar to calendar. … Read More

Too Many Updates? We Have a Fix for That: Customized Notices

Just because there’s new information, doesn’t mean you need it right away. Allcal let’s you turn push notifications on or off for specific calendars, so you can decide exactly what matters to you. … Read More

Allcal Sponsors ‘Not On My Campus’ Campaign at University of Texas

The Allcal Team is proud to support a brave, ground-breaking movement at the University of Texas against sexual assault and other types of gender violence during this year’s Round Up events. … Read More

Allcal CEO’s Tip for Young Entrepreneurs: Be ‘The Man’

When dealing with employees, contacts, customers and themselves, it’s not good enough to be ‘The Boss.’ One of the most important steps a young entrepreneur can take in his or her career is learning to be ‘The Man.’ … Read More

New Recurring Feature Lets You Change One Event

Just because you have a meeting every week, doesn’t mean things don’t change. Our new feature lets you change one event in a series of recurring events. … Read More

Message from CEO: It’s All About Freedom

When it comes to other calendar solutions, it’s all about integration. But Allcal lets you break free of the many problems with legacy systems. … Read More

Never Forget Thanks to New Dual Reminders Feature

In the past you may have nearly missed a meeting that almost lost you an important client or missed a deadline for an assignment. These situations can easily be avoided by downloading the free scheduling app from the Apple App Store and using our new dual reminders feature. … Read More

Message from Allcal CEO: Introducing Version 2.0

Our CEO and Founder Daniel Cocanougher explains why Allcal is more than just a free calendar app, but a complete event management tool that will completely change your life. … Read More