Allcal Team Working to Fix Problems with iOS 8.3 Update

Apple’s latest iOS update brought tons of new cute emojis – yay! – but also created a few problems for the Allcal app – boo. But a fix is on the way! … Read More

How-To: Search Events & Calendars

It’s Monday morning. You need to know what you have going on this week at work, with your family and your intramural volleyball team. How do you figure that out in a flash? Answer: Allcal Search. … Read More

How-To: Set Global Reminders for Events

The free allcal app makes planning and keeping track of events a breeze, with the ability to set reminders for yourself and all your attendees in one easy step. … Read More

How To: Use the Allcal Desktop App

Allcal’s desktop app makes scheduling your life easier than ever. WIth a simple registration process, anyone with internet access can log into and use the allcal database from your Mac or PC. The entire allcal database is linked so anything you do on the web will automatically update on your mobile device as well. Now you can manage your schedule from your computer or on the go – giving a brand new meaning to portable calendar. … Read More

How-To: Embed a Public Calendar

If you’re an organization, finding a way to reach a large number of people and communicate to the masses is an important part of the way you do business. With allcal you can create a public calendar for everyone to see and embed it onto your website to attract and interact with the people you want to reach. No advanced coding needed here – it’s as easy as copy and paste! … Read More

How-To: Create Recurring Events

Daily meetings. Weekly baseball practices. Whatever it is, allcal’s recurring event feature lets you create a series of identical events in one easy step. … Read More

How-To: Get Your Study Group on Allcal

Several minds are always better than one! So use allcal to get a group of classmates together to complete homework assignments, projects or study for tests! … Read More

How To: Create a Public Calendar

Organizing people together shouldn’t be hard, even for public events. Luckily allcal makes that possible by letting users create and publish Public Calendars that everyone can see and download.
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How-to: Manage Your Busy Schedule

Scheduling has never been easier. With the allcal app, your busy hectic schedule becomes organized and manageable. Here are some steps to set up your busy schedule on allcal. … Read More

Allcal User Manual

The Allcal User Manual gives you detailed step-by-step instructions of how to do everything on the free Allcal app. If you have any questions about our app, this is the place to find the answer. … Read More