How-To: Embed a Public Calendar

If you’re an organization, finding a way to reach a large number of people and communicate to the masses is an important part of the way you do business. With allcal you can create a public calendar for everyone to see and embed it onto your website to attract and interact with the people you want to reach. No advanced coding needed here – it’s as easy as copy and paste! … Read More

How-To: Create Recurring Events

Daily meetings. Weekly baseball practices. Whatever it is, allcal’s recurring event feature lets you create a series of identical events in one easy step. … Read More

How To: Get Your Small Business on Allcal

Allcal is the ideal app for a small business looking to expand and keep track of all its employees. By creating a FREE allcal account, the owner and every employee will be able to simply open their allcal app and see all the activities and deadlines scheduled for their business. … Read More

How-To: Get the Most Out of Your 3-day Weekend

Nothing is better than Friday – right? Except maybe the Friday before a 3-day weekend! It may just be one extra day, but those blessed 24 hours can make a huge difference in your weekend. So don’t waste it! … Read More

How-to: Set Up Your City Schedule on Allcal

Most cities and towns, have one team who’s in charge of keeping the calendar of events up-to-date. For many city departments, that means countless emails, memos and phone calls, making sure each one of their events stay updated with the latest information. With allcal, cities can cut that effort by more than half. … Read More

How-To: Make Teaching Easier with allcal

Teachers have a lot of scheduling to deal with – assignments, projects, and tests. Learn how to make keeping your students on track easier than ever with allcal. … Read More

How-To: Get Your Study Group on Allcal

Several minds are always better than one! So use allcal to get a group of classmates together to complete homework assignments, projects or study for tests! … Read More

How To: Create a Public Calendar

Organizing people together shouldn’t be hard, even for public events. Luckily allcal makes that possible by letting users create and publish Public Calendars that everyone can see and download.
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How-to: Manage Your Busy Schedule

Scheduling has never been easier. With the allcal app, your busy hectic schedule becomes organized and manageable. Here are some steps to set up your busy schedule on allcal. … Read More

How-to: Schedule Your Organization on allcal

Setting up a calendar for your church or organization has never been easier. With allcal, there are ways to supervise user permissions as well as develop and manage the church’s activities. To help, here are some steps to set your organization up on allcal. … Read More