Team Tips

Too Many Updates? We Have a Fix for That: Customized Notices

Just because there’s new information, doesn’t mean you need it right away. Allcal let’s you turn push notifications on or off for specific calendars, so you can decide exactly what matters to you. … Read More

Strengthening the Startup Community: Dallas Startup Week

Dallas Startup Week offers aspiring entrepreneurs from every stage of the startup process the chance to connect to people who’ve been there before. Sounds too good to be true right? That’s what we thought – but so far the real experience has been as wonderful as imagined. We compiled some of the helpful information we’ve learned so far – and check back later in the week for all our favorite pieces of advice from Dallas Startup Week 2015. … Read More

Tips for NOT Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

So many of us have the best intentions when it comes to changing our lives for the better upon every new year. We vow to be better people, exercise more, eat healthy food, and leave every awful thing behind from the previous year. But just how many of us follow through with these intentions? In 2015 if you find yourself being stuck with the same habits as you had last year, don’t be embarrassed. This article is just for you! … Read More

10 Classic Christmas Decorating Ideas

If you’ve run out of ideas on how to decorate your home for Christmas this year, check out our list of ten classic, never-gets-old, christmas decorations. … Read More

5 Exotic Winter Vacation Spots

Winter travel is often holiday-related and filled with trips to your Great Aunt Millie’s house in Nowhere, USA. But what if this year was different? What if this year was the year you tried out some exotic winter vacation spots instead? Not possible, you say? If you keep reading we’ll do our best to convince you otherwise. Or at least give you some exotic travel spots to daydream about while you’re stuck in your office looking at all the chilly grey-ness outside your window – if you’re lucky enough to have a window that is! … Read More

5 Christmas Gift Buying Tips

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and there are tons of events happening around the holidays. From Christmas carolers to pictures with Santa Clause, the winter season is full of holiday cheer. Allcal is an app that is rooted in sharing, so we definitely support the cause of giving. Presents are just one way joy is spread and we have 5 helpful hints that are sure to spread happiness – all from the app that cares. Share you calendar. Share your life. Share a smile with a loved one from a holiday treat! … Read More

Schedule Your Family this Holiday Season

With so many parties, family gatherings and relatives to visit during the holiday season, it’s tough to find a time that you can sit down and celebrate. Luckily allcal makes all of that easier. … Read More

How-To: Get the Most Out of Your 3-day Weekend

Nothing is better than Friday – right? Except maybe the Friday before a 3-day weekend! It may just be one extra day, but those blessed 24 hours can make a huge difference in your weekend. So don’t waste it! … Read More

7 Tips for Rocking a Music Festival

Multi-day music festivals can be an exhilarating and exhausting experience. To make sure you enjoy yourself as much as possible, the Allcal Team put together a list of tips for rocking a music festival. … Read More

How-To: Make Teaching Easier with allcal

Teachers have a lot of scheduling to deal with – assignments, projects, and tests. Learn how to make keeping your students on track easier than ever with allcal. … Read More