How-to: Change User Permissions

When it comes to sharing your calendar, the allcal team knows that you want control of your events and calendars. With that in mind, we created four types of permissions. You can choose from – View, Add, Edit and Share. Using various combinations of these four options, you can make sure friends and family in your life have the right type of permissions on your calendar. To help you get started, here’s a guide of how to change user permissions

What does each permission mean?

View –  Lets users view all the events and their details.
Add – Lets users add events to your calendar.
Edit – Lets users change details about the calendar and its events, such as time and location.
Share – Lets users share events with others, or link the same event to any of their calendars. It also lets users share your calendar.

How does it work?

Each calendar comes with default permissions. On every private calendar, each new family member or friend automatically gets View, Add, and Share. On public calendars, each new user automatically gets View and Share.

How do I change the default permissions?

1. Open the calendar settings by tapping the three dots under the calendar name.

2. Scroll down the menu and select Default Permissions.

Default perm

3. Toggle on/off which permissions you want to give each new user.

Now family and friends shared on the calendar will automatically get the default permissions you chose.

What if I want to change the permissions for just one person?

1. Open the calendar settings by tapping the three dots under the calendar name.

Default perm

2. Tap the Calendar Sharing section.

3. Tap on the permissions that you want to turn on or off.

  • Change the permissions for each individual user by changing the ones right across from his or her name and profile picture.

4. Go back by tapping the Calendar Share button in top left hand corner.

5. Tap the save button across from the calendar name. Your selections will automatically be saved.


Q: Why can’t I turn off View on my Public Calendar?
A: If you’re creating a public calendar, every user must be able to have View. If you don’t want the calendar and its events to be visible to everyone, change it to a private calendar.

Q: What happens if I give someone Edit permissions?
A: That user can do almost anything to the calendar and its events, except delete users, change ownership, delete the calendar, or change its public/private status.

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