College Tips: Schedules, Friends, and Future Plans

images-3Summer is a magical time. Packed with swimsuits, sunshine, and long-awaited vacations. Unfortunately, the first day of college classes are just around the corner.  But here at allcal, we’re devoted to making your life a little easier, by making keeping up with your calendar and schedule MUCH easier. So with the first day of classes fast approaching, here are some of our favorite college tips for getting ready.

1.) Get Organized!  

Figure out your college class schedule, including assignments, exams, and holidays, and immediately put it on your allcal calendar. Your professors won’t bother reminding you when big assignments are due, so we suggest adding reminders to all these events. You can even use the free allcal app to connect with other friends and classmates and plan study sessions right before big tests.

2.) Go for a walk

A day or two before school begins, grab your schedule and walk to each classroom. This will help you figure out exactly how much time you need to give yourself so that you’re not late. Incoming freshmen or new transfers – this will also help you not get lost, and avoid being that person who shows up halfway through class! Awkward…

3,) Take Care of Yourself

As always your health comes first. Yes, you need to attend class, but not if you have a 103 temp! If this is the case, then go to the university’s health center and notify your professors of what is going on. They will appreciate it, and will let them know that you are not skipping class for no reason.

Eating right is also key, as well as exercising and developing a routine from the start. Finding people to exercise with will also keep you accountable. The allcal app can help you develop a routine as well as connect with others and schedule a time to exercise. Here are some other college tips to help you stay healthy.

4.) Prepare for Class

Studies suggest that both reading the material before class and reviewing right after improves exam scores. So be sure to prepare for class and start studying a week or two ahead of time for exams.

5.) Make a new sleep and study schedule

Do not pull all-nighters! Though it might work for that one or two friends, all-nighters are often counter-productive. If you feel yourself dragging – unable to keep your eyes open over that Organic Chemistry textbook – don’t fight it! Plan to wake up earlier to finish studying, set an alarm, then hit the sack.

PS. Naps are a gift from God! If you did not get enough sleep the night before, find thirty minutes in your day to take a power nap. Your body will thank you.

6.) Make Friends

When you walk into a class for the first time, sit down, turn to your left or right and introduce yourself. Knowing Grace or Derek could be key to helping you study, remember assignments and ultimately pass your class. By getting to know them within the first few weeks, you can develop study groups you’ll need throughout the semester.

7.) Make a Good Impression

Within the first week of class, introduce yourself to your professor. This will help immensely throughout the semester, by not only giving you a better idea of your professor’s expectations, but also making sure he or she knows your name.

Plan to attend his or her office hours throughout the semester, so if you need extra help or have to miss a class, you’ll feel more comfortable approaching your professor.  This relationship will likely even be useful after the class, in case you need recommendation letters or advice when it comes to the next steps in your career.

Don’t let school sneak up on you, because the first day is coming fast. Make sure you prepare for school in the fall – it will make your life a lot more enjoyable if you are not stressing out about these things. And by using allcal’s iPhone and web app, it’ll be easier than ever to keep track of your classes, assignments and tests in this upcoming school year. So download the free app to start sharing your calendars and events today!

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