Dallas Cowboys 2014: Faced with Adversity

Who can forget the heartbreak fans of the Dallas Cowboys have endured over the years?

Especially last year after having suffered another season-ending defeat near the end of the 2013 season with ample opportunity to determine our playoff destiny. (It wasn’t all bad – check out the highlights of the previous year below for the most spectacular plays from the 2013-2014 NFL Season.)


But try to forget about the past. Grab your jersey, some nachos, invite fellow fans over for a watching party on allcal, and get ready for the 2014 season!

What To Expect This Season

Every year is a fresh start with a clean slate for coaches and players alike – and this year‘s off-season moves for the Dallas Cowboys have caused quite a stir. Most notable are the releasing of the Cowboys all-time leader in sacks, Demarcus Ware, and the season-ending ACL tear to middle linebacker Sean Lee, who is arguably the Boy’s most dynamic player on defense. Wide receiver Miles Austin was also released after spending the last few seasons battling injuries with little on field production in order to create cap room for the Cowboys – who desperately need it after losing their star power on defense.

Tony Romo has even taken a pay cut in order to help the Cowboys acquire new players, working with the owner and team officials to restructure his contract that was initially worth $108 million through six years with $55 million in guaranteed money. No word yet on how much money the Cowboys have saved so far against the salary cap, but one thing is for certain, the need for skilled players remains a priority for the once iconic franchise.

A History of Heartache

It seems we have all come accustomed to the roller coaster ride of emotions that accompany the Dallas Cowboys who remain a mediocre team with back-to-back 8-8 seasons, despite having the roster of talent to accomplish much more. However, maybe the disappointment we feel lies more in placing our hopes where they shouldn’t be and the high expectations that come from sports analysts and commentators that lead to our feeling of emptiness when they don’t perform up to standard. This emptiness or void I speak of is one that has existed since the Cowboys’ phenomenal run in the 90’s with 3 Super Bowl wins and the stamp of “America’s Team” that made them a dynasty in that era.


This sparks the debate of when will we become the franchise that dominated football for so long? That is the question on the minds of Cowboys fans everywhere and is one that continuously looms over the team, at least until we make a good run in the playoffs.

Hoping For Greatness

As the preseason comes to an end only time will tell if fans will be forced to endure another heart-wrenching season or if America’s Team will re-emerge to claim its throne once again. With the addition of Michael Sam joining the defensive front, it may just be the spark the Boys’ need to get them going.  (And look at it this way – if they don’t do well again this year we can always blame Romo.)

When the Cowboys take the field for the first regular season game against the 49ers in Arlington at 3:25 pm CDT fans will all scream and cheer. Anxious to see who else the Cowboys play this year? Check out the Dallas Cowboys Public Calendar on allcal for their 2014 NFL schedule.

You can even use the free allcal app or allcal web app to share the games with others or organize a group trip to watch them play at Jerry World.

Cheer on your favorite team and use allcal to organize watching games in front of the big screen or live at the stadium!


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