Sharing Calendars: It’s a Family Affair

family-events-scheduleIntroducing your mother to a new piece of technology can be a terrifying event. You know she’ll ask questions – ridiculous, yet sincere questions – and you’ll have to fight the urge to look at her in horror.

But allcal is one app you have to try – because sharing calendars is the sort of technology she, and the rest of the family, can really use.

Planning family events can be tough, even small ones. Everyone has their own schedule, their own obligations and their own way of keeping up with it all. A shared calendar allows everyone to coordinate in a shared space, making it easier than ever to get together.

Holiday events and celebrations can be added directly to the shared Family Calendar. Then anyone with access will immediately get all the information they need. Events also act as a contextualized place to communicate, so attendees can quickly figure out the small stuff (like who’s bringing the casserole and what time Uncle Bill arrives at the airport).

Sharing calendars even helps you manage our family members’ calendars and reduce everyone’s workload. Typically, your calendar and events don’t belong to you, so it doesn’t make sense for everyone to be wholly responsible for their own schedule. Instead, allowing a family member or loved one to directly add events to your calendar saves everyone’s time.

For parents, access to your kids’ calendars eliminates confusion and miscommunication. You can add every volleyball practice and tutoring session directly to their schedule orcalendar, knowing any changes will be immediately updated. For grandparents, sharing keeps them in the loop. By letting you add events to their calendar, Grandma and Grandpa won’t miss a single dance recital or band concert.

So don’t be afraid to bring a little more technology into the household, because when it comes to sharing calendars, it will definitely be worth it.

Plus, she is your mother. Simply take a deep breath and remember all the things she taught you over the years, and the ridiculous, sincere questions she undoubtedly answered.

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