Free Social Calendar for Your Food Truck

Public Calendar Search_DallasYou’re parked and prepped – ready to feed hungry fans who follow your food truck. But how do they know where you are?

Allcal is a complete social calendar tool that not only lets you instantly broadcast your location to followers, but even gives you an idea of how many people are nearby with our unique ETA feature.

Download Allcal from the Apple App Store

Our innovative app even sends out pop-up notifications when you add a new event or make a change, so followers will always be up-to-date on your food truck’s plans.

How do I create a schedule?

Simply download Allcal on your iPhone, Android, or register on our Web app. Then you can start by creating a public calendar for your food truck.

How to Create an Awesome Public Calendar on Allcal

Here you can add all the events and locations you plan to be that day, plus be able to give fans an idea of where you’re going to be the rest of the week.

But I don’t know where I’ll be next week..

That’s okay too!

With Allcal’s real-time calendar, anyone following your schedule will instantly be updated with your new events and last-minute changes.

OC_Change Event Notice_Hotel Magazine

They’ll even get a pop-up right on their phone about your new event that includes the time and where they can find you.

What if I don’t have the address?

Allcal lets you pin the exact location of your food truck within our app.

That means you’re not only telling followers that you’ll be at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas on Wednesday, but that you’ll actually be on the far north side, next to the water fountain.

This will make sure followers can find your food truck quickly – before they get too hungry!

How do I get Allcal?

Allcal is free to download on your iPhone, or our Desktop app.

How do my customers get my calendar on Allcal?

They can simply download Allcal on their iPhone or register on a Desktop.

Fans will search for your food truck calendar to see your entire schedule, then add it to their own list to get real-time notifications about all your plans.

Questions? Feedback?

For more help, go to our Frequently Asked Questions page. You can also contact our team directly at, or by reaching out on Facebook or Twitter.

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