Allcal’s Interactive Schedule and Communication Tool for Events

The best conferences, festivals, and expos get attendees excited weeks before the event begins, and keep them engaged from start to finish. Allcal helps organizers do both.

Allcal lets you create an interactive web calendar that syncs automatically with the Allcal app, letting you promote your programming seamlessly across platforms. Allcal’s real-time app instantly notifies attendees of changes, new events, or chat messages – giving them the opportunity to engage throughout your event.

As the official digital programming tool for Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, RuPaul’s DragCon and Scare Los Angeles, Allcal gave fans the ability to build their own schedule, get real-time updates, and connect with fellow fans through chat.

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Allcal works for all types of events, including conventions, expos, festivals, and more. For event organizers on a tight budget, we offer a free, DIY package that offers huge value for your event at no cost.

Below are the features offered in our free, DIY package:

+ Interactive Web + Mobile Calendar 

Allcal creates a seamless experience for you and your attendees by syncing your event calendar on your website with the free Allcal iPhone and Android apps. Fans can build their custom schedule directly on your website, then use their same login to get their custom schedule instantly on their smartphone.

+ Real-Time Updates 

Allcal helps you keep all your attendees updated by sending real-time notifications any time you make a change to your schedule. The updates also sync to the web, so changes organizers make on their smartphones automatically shows up on your website too.

+ Communicate Through Chat 

Allcal’s calendar chat is a powerful communication tool that attendees use to ask questions about your event, share their own tips, and even make friends with other fans. Organizers can also use this feature to promote special events, advertise their sponsors, or push emergency messages to all their attendees at once.

+ Unlimited Users 

There’s no limit to how many users can be on your Allcal calendar. The Allcal team wants your event to grow exponentially each year – so why would we want to put limits on that?

+ A Calendar In Minutes

Allcal’s plug-and-play solution means you can get started building your event calendar today. Our platform lets anyone create a public calendar, add unlimited events, and make it searchable on Allcal’s public calendar database.

More Allcal Services:

+ Full Calendar Set-Up
+ Custom Web Calendar
+ Full Website Integration
+ Real-tim Event Analytics
+ Post-Event Data Exports

To learn more about our free, DIY package or the other services we offer, please email us at using Subject line: Events.