Fireworks, Friends, and the 4th: Fun Ideas for an Awesome July 4

IMG_3020Spending your holiday plans with friends? Here are seven fabulous activities to do with your buddies this 4th of July!

1. Host a potluck cookout Have all your friends whip up a side dish or dessert for an old-school potluck cookout. By getting everyone to bring something, you can worry less about providing food for everyone and get the chance to test your friends’ kitchen skills.

2. Play a Game Gather all of your friends and play an indoor or outdoor game this July 4th. Whether you’re dueling it out in capture the flag, getting down and dirty in a game of football, or going head to head in a card game, have some fun with your friends this July 4th.
3. Homemade Slip n’slide This is a cool activity that has a fun reward at the end. Spend the time to make a slip n’ slide and then go crazy with your friends on it. All it takes is a heavy duty plastic sheeting, fabric pegs, a hose, and shaving cream.

4. Bake July 4th Cookies Cookies can be so much fun to make with friends and equally fun to eat. Bake some delicious sugar cookies, then make them even more festive by buying some red, white and blue icing for decorations!

5. DIY July 4th Outfit Create one-of-a-kind Independence Day outfits to show off your holiday spirit. Take some old jeans and to create fringed American flag shorts. Or grab some tie-dye and create red white and blue flag T-shirts

6. Pool Party July 4th is hot! To battle the blaze, get your friends together and have a swim party. No pool? No worries – start a water war with water balloons and water guns.

7. Go to a Fireworks Show End this your holiday plans the classic way. Grab your friends, a blanket, and some bug spray and go to a local fireworks show. If there’s not one near you, buy some sparklers to make your own show!

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