Get Your Group of Friends on Allcal

FBpostFriendsAllcal is perfect for a group of friends looking to schedule and keep track of all the fun events they want to do together. By creating a shared private calendar between the whole group, every friend will be able to simply open their allcal app and see the fun activities they want to do as a group.

For example, the group will have a calendar that any friend can list an event. All friends will receive updates when another friend adds an event or makes changes to the calendar.

If the group has an event they do weekly, such as attend happy hour every Thursday, they can use the repeat event function to schedule it easily.

How To Set It Up:

Creating a Private calendar

A private calendar makes the events of the group private from anyone they don’t want seeing their activities.

Getting Started:

1. Get each friend to download the free Allcal app and create an account.

2. Tap on the Main Menu in the top left corner of the screen.

3. Tap on Add calendar to create a private calendar.

4. Enter the information that you want to put in your calendar and tap Save when you are done.

5. Open the Private Calendar settings by opening the calendar, then tapping the Calendar Settings button (the three dots) across from the calendar name.

6. Tap on the Calendar Sharing section.

7. Enter the name or email of each desired friend to share the calendar.

Allcal Hack: You can add multiple email addresses by going to the web app and entering the email addresses into the “bulk invite” section.

8. Give every friend full permissions if you are the calendar owner.

Each shared user will receive a notice asking if they want to accept the calendar share. By tapping YES, the calendar will immediately be visible on their My Calendars screen.

 Allcal Hack: Any member can link events from a public calendar to the group’s private calendar. If the group wanted to go to a Dallas Cowboys game, they can link the event straight from the Cowboy’s public calendar.

Allcal Hack: Other members could be added to the calendar with different permissions, such as adding a parent with no permissions. All they would be able to view would be the times of events and the event would show up as “Busy”. Alternatively, the owner can restrict someone’s permissions if they are being annoying.

Allcal Hack: If the calendar owner wants to leave the group, instead of creating an entirely new calendar you have the option to transfer ownership to another member of the group.


Every member should have all permissions (View, Add, Edit and Share). This allows any friend to add an event or make changes to existing events.

Share makes it possible for any user to share the calendar or events with other people outside of the group. If the owner wants to exclude people from the group, rethink giving everyone this permission.

You can make all these changes on the Sharing page in the Calendar Settings. For more information about what each permission means and how to pick the perfect combination for your family, go to our User Manual. Now getting your group of friends together won’t be so much of a hassle.

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