How To: Use the Allcal Desktop App

Aside from allcal’s FREE app that is available in the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android, we have a desktop app that makes creating calendars and events easier than ever. Don’t have a smartphone? Stuck in the office all day and unable to access your mobile device? Do you have a large quantity of events to enter with little time to do so? No problem. By going to you can log in and begin sharing calendars and events in a matter of minutes!

Getting Started:

1. Login: Begin by going to Here you can register for a new account or login if you’re an existing user by clicking either option at the top right corner of the page.

Allcal Essential: Similar to our phone app, once you login to the desktop app you will be directed to your personal calendar. The calendar automatically displays the event closest to today’s date. Below is a layout of what your screen should look like.

For existing users you may have noticed that the layout is much different from the phone app. No worries. Continue through this article to learn more about the desktop app and its key features.

2. Create a Calendar: To create a calendar click the plus icon to the right of the My Calendar section. From here you will be able to create a new calendar, set it to public or private, adjust permissions, and fill out the calendar details. Whether public or private, you will always be able to access your calendar under the My Calendars section.

3. Add an Event: Once you’ve created a calendar, add an event by simply opening a calendar and clicking the white ‘Add Event’ icon at the top right corner of the screen. You will be able to assign the event to the calendar of your choice and fill out the event details. Click save when you are done.

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Chat: To interact with other users, use allcal’s chat function. With proper permissions, anyone on a shared calendar can chat with other allcal users in order to communicate and share important information. To use chat, open a calendar and type a message in the comment section to the right of the calendar’s cover photo. You can add a photo to your comment or use plain text. When you are done, click send and all users shared on that calendar will be notified of the message.

Notifications: Just like the phone app, the allcal desktop app has a notification center that notifies users of any shared calendars, events, chats, and updates. To view the notifications, click on the number next to the bell located at the top left corner of the page, directly under your profile image. Once opened, you will be able to take action on the notice by accepting a calendar or event, viewing a chat message or confirming an update.

Monthly Calendar View/Searching for Calendars: Allcal has a monthly calendar view that allows users to view all the days that there are events occurring in a particular month on any calendar created. To see how many events are happening during a month, click on any calendar and it will show you that calendar’s events. To the left of the events will be a monthly calendar view with a color-coded line. This line represents how many days there are events occurring in that calendar for the month selected.

Additionally, right above the monthly calendar view is a magnifying glass with a search bar. This magnifying glass allows users to search for any calendar under your My Calendars section.

To search for public calendars, access the Public Calendars section of the app. Use your mouse to scroll up to the top of the page and the magnifying glass/search bar will be located at the top left corner of your screen, directly under today’s date.

Access Granted: Public Calendars

To access public calendars, click on the circular web icon located to the left of the monthly calendar view in any calendar. You will then be taken to allcal’s public calendar database with hundreds of calendars to choose from with thousands of events.

To add a calendar to your personal account, you can either click ‘Add To My Account’ (located directly below every public calendar) or you can open the calendar and click ‘Add To My Account’ (located in the calendar settings).

Linked Database:

Worried about going back and forth from the desktop app to your mobile device? Don’t be. Allcal has a database that links your desktop app and smartphone so that any action that takes place on one, will automatically appear on the other. This makes keeping up with events and updates much easier, ensuring everyone that they will always be notified of any changes – whether they’re at a desktop or on-the-go.

Thank you for using allcal and we hope your experience with us has been great. To learn more about allcal, go to our website at or if you have any questions email us at

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  1. Dixie Willwerth

    With the new updated website I can’t seem to figure out how to see my overall calendar for the month. How do I do this now?

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