How-To Invite Hundreds to Your Next Big Event

So you’re throwing a massive event – good for you!

Allcal already makes it super easy to create events and share them with others, but what if you need to invite dozens, or even hundreds of people at once?

Our latest update has the solution – the ability to copy and paste all the emails of people you want to invite at one time using the allcal web app. With just one step, you can invite all the people you want to your big event.

Plus, any incorrect email addresses will automatically be pulled than the list and highlighted so you can figure out what’s wrong with them. Google Calendar doesn’t even do that!

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Access this feature by signing in on the web app, then opening the event. If you usually use the free allcal calendar app on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll find all the same events, calendars, and users from your account on the web app as well.

Follow the steps below for more detailed instructions and images for how to get started:

How-to Invite Several People to One Event

1. Open the event that you want to invite people to.

Invite birthday event

2. Click on the bulk invite box below the “Invite multiple people at once” text.

bulk invite

3. Enter the email addresses of the people that you want to invite to the event.

 a. Separate the different email addresses by using spaces or commas


4. Click on the Invite button to send invitations to everyone in the box.

a. If there is incorrect information in the box, Allcal will display the message: “The above emails are invalid”. Make any necessary changes to the emails so Allcal can send out the invitations.

invalid emails

You should now be able to see all of your invitees in the event invitation box with a question mark next to their profile pictures. If you see that, then all the event invitations were sent to those people. When they accept the event, the question mark will change to a check mark.

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