7 Things To Do With Friends This Labor Day

SONY DSCLabor Day is a time to celebrate so get off your butt, grab your friends, and go outside. There are so many things you can do this Labor Day, besides sitting on your couch and watching TV. Here are some ideas to get you out of the house.

1.) Have a Potluck Picnic with your friends

Host a potluck picnic by asking each friend bring one food item to share with the group. Then have everyone meet at a local park and eat your wonderful dishes.

2.) Heat up

Get sunshine and exercise by doing some fun activity outdoors. Some of our favorites include hiking, sand volleyball, and tennis.

3.) Cool down

Labor Day unofficially marks the end of summer, so don’t miss the opportunity to get in the water. Get a group together and go hang out at the beach, tube down a river, or go paddle boarding on a lake.

4.) Volunteer

Do work for others this Labor Day by volunteering. Make an appointment to help sort food at a local food bank, distribute food to homeless people, or spend the afternoon walking dogs at the animal shelter – because people and puppies are always fun!

Need ideas for where to volunteer? Check out VolunteerMatch.org for amazing opportunities near you.

5.) Go fly a kite

Have each person in your friend group create a kite and then see which one flies the best.

6.) Find a crowd

Grab your friends and find a nearby concert or festival to go to. The allcal team put together a list of awesome things to do in Dallas-Fort Worth this Labor Day Weekend, such as the Invasion Car Show in Dallas and the PBR Winstar World Casino International just across the Texas-Oklahoma border

7.) Movie Time

Go see a movie with your friends. You can go to a local theatre or you can get some lawn chairs, bug spray, a few blankets, and all cram into a car and go to the drive-in.

Whatever you end up doing this Labor Day – make sure to get out and have a little fun with family or good friends. For more help using the allcal app to plan all your holiday events, contact us at team@allcal.com.

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