Make Plans Fast with Version 2.6

The Allcal team believes planning should be easy – and fast.

That’s why we’re building a free app that helps you organize friends, family, or colleagues instantly by creating calendars everyone can see, and posting events everyone can share.

Download the free Allcal app on your iPhone or iPad

With Version 2.6, we’ve made the planning process even faster. These new features, available now on the Apple App Store, will not only make it easy to respond to invites and plan your day – they will also let you instantly record who attended your events.

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So quit wasting time with other solutions and start making plans fast with Allcal Version 2.6.

What’s in Version 2.6

We added some creative design changes, bug fixes, and of a whole pack of new features:

1. Automatic Attendance
2. RSVP status on each event
3. Interactive notices

Keep reading to learn about each new feature, then try them out for yourself by getting the free Allcal app on your iPhone, iPad, or Desktop

Automatic Attendance

When it comes to keeping up with your events, most solutions only focus on the future. But the Allcal team knows you need to know more than that. You need to know who actually attended your event.

To help, we added an Automatic Attendance feature to instantly mark who shows up to your events.

Our free app already lets you know how far away everybody is from your event with our unique ETA feature. But Automatic Attendance takes it one step further by instantly checking your guests in when they arrive to your event’s location.

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With this feature, you’ll have a reliable record of not only who RSVP’d to each event, but also who showed up.

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If your event doesn’t have a location, or someone attended the event remotely, you can also manually change each person’s attendance. That way you always have an accurate list of who attended each meeting, soccer practice, or networking event.

RSVP Status on Each Event

Not every event on your calendar requires your attendance. By sharing a calendar, you can see what your coworkers, family members, or friends have going on, without committing to attending yourself.

With Allcal’s new RSVP status feature, you’re able to see your RSVP for every single event, so you can quickly figure out what your obligations for each day.

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For parents, the feature helps you instantly know if you’re supposed to pick up your daughter from practice on Thursday.

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For businesses, this is an easy way for employees to see which meetings and conferences calls they’re expected to attend.

With the new RSVP status tool, you can see your obligations instantly.

Interactive Notices

When you’re on-the-go, you sometimes don’t have time to read the fine print.

So when your coworker requests you attend a last-minute marketing meeting, or your husband wants to know if you can go to dinner tonight with his boss, you want to be able to answer instantly.

With Allcal 2.6, you can answer a calendar share or event invitation right in the notification – without ever opening the app.

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Just swipe the notification to the left to reveal the ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ button, make your choice, and get on with your day.

Allcal’s free SOCIAL PLANNING™ app solution even works on your Apple Watch, so you can RSVP without even pulling out your phone.

What’s Next?

The Allcal team is hard at work on Version 2.7, another feature-packed update that will bring us closer to our goal of building the ultimate social planning tool.

But we can’t do it without our early adopters.

Any feedback you may have about the product, how it could be improved, or what your group needs is greatly appreciated. Send us a message on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, or email us directly at

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