Manage Your Group with Version 1.2 – Available Now!

The allcal team is thrilled to introduce version 1.2 of our shared calendar app! This update includes more time-saving features that make it even easier to use allcal to plan your day and manage your group events.


Make sure you never forget another business lunch or group birthdays by adding reminders to events. Each user can decide if they want to get reminders before or at the time of the event. Our advanced sharing system even lets you remind friends and family about your upcoming events.


Organize each calendar exactly how you want by linking an event to multiple calendars. This feature lets you take a meeting from your shared Work Calendar or a game from your Intramural Volleyball Calendar and add them both to your Personal Calendar. The linked event even maintains its connection to the original calendar, meaning you’ll get every new update.


Duplicating lets you make someone else’s event your own. For example, if you want to get a group together for a baseball game, but want to change the time so you can meet before, you can quickly create a duplicate to edit and share with whoever you want.


The recurring event feature allows users to create events that repeat daily, weekly,or yearly. Users can manage when the repeat starts, ends, and on what days it repeats. Just set when the event repeats by going to the edit screen, choosing recurrence and setting it to whatever choice is best suited to your event needs.


This feature lets you create a calendar for someone else (such as a technology-challenged loved one) and easily give

them complete control over the calendar.


Have an event that lasts more than one day? Our new design shows how the event stretches across several days.

WE ALSO IMPROVED… View and edit event pages – Login & register capabilities – Event location feature –  and bug fixes. We hope you enjoy the latest version of allcal and that it makes it easier to manage your group. Any feedback? Let us know what you think about Version 1.2 by taking this brief survey. Also contact us through Facebook, Twitter or email at – The allcal team PS. We’re working hard to release even more features ASAP – so stay tuned for Version 1.3!

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