Message from CEO: It’s All About Freedom

BreakallcalfreeThere are a lot of unique aspects of Allcal – the ability to track ETA, get personal and group reminders, and build a public calendar – but one of our biggest differences is that we do not integrate with other calendar systems.

Why not, you ask? It’s all about freedom.

While other calendar apps think its an advantage to hitch their wagon to legacy systems such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft Outlook, our free calendar and scheduling app gives you true independence with our standalone database.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to break free.

Why Other Products Integrate

Many people think integrating will make scheduling easier, but I hate to say they’re wrong. Integrating isn’t easy. It’s complicated and rarely works just right.

From a user’s point of view, it often results in several notifications for the same event. From a developer’s point of view, it really holds you back. Even though it seems pretty standard for apps nowadays, there are several reasons not integrating with other calendars is best for users.

Why We Don’t Integrate

1. You can already use Allcal on every device
Our app has its own stand-alone database that works seamlessly with the iPhone, iPad, and on your Desktop. All your data is saved to the cloud, so you can access your information anywhere.

2. You’ll save more time
For most, the main problem with not syncing is they have to re-enter events into a new calendar. I understand that this can be time-consuming, but Allcal still saves you more time in the long run. Since users can easily share events and calendars with whoever they chose, each event only needs to be entered once by one person.

So instead of every team member individually adding events into their own personal calendar, they can simply grab the event from the creator. Plus, since all these events are connected, any changes will show up on every person’s calendar.

3. You’ll keep your privacy
We do not want other systems such as Google and Apple to know all about you and have all your data to use for research or marketing purposes. Because we do not sync with other systems, our database is not accessible by Google, Apple, or the government.

For anyone worried about privacy and security, our standalone database is the perfect solution.

4. You get more features…
From a business standpoint, being an independent database means we can go anywhere. Since we built Allcal from the ground up, our app can be reimagined in unlimited formats, always keeping our same core database.

For you, that means we can implement new, amazing features.

5. ..and an even better app
Because we are different and separate from legacy applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, Allcal is and will be more robust. We can add fantastic new features almost daily, without the weight of these older systems holding us back.

This break lets us produce higher-level functions, guarantee more security, and build a smarter, cleaner calendar app.

What Do You Think?

Now that I’ve given you reasons why we don’t integrate with other calendar apps, I’d like to know what you think.

Is integrating still a crucial feature for you? And if so, why? Send us an email with your feedback at, or put your thoughts below.

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