Message from Allcal CEO: Introducing Version 2.0

IMG_6816Dear Allcal User,

First, thank you for downloading our free calendar app!

Our team has been developing the ideas behind Allcal for a few years, but only now – with Version 2.0 – does it really come to life.

What is Allcal?
Allcal is not just a calendar app. It’s a complete event management tool. Allcal can be used for one person, a family, a company, a group of friends – or all of these at the same time. When you start using Allcal, you can quickly and easily create a calendar for each part of your life.

But why would you want to create multiple calendars?
The answer is the core of why our solution is so different – so stay with me…each calendar represents a new idea, and a new group of people with similar interests.

What does that mean?
It means after you create a calendar, you can share it with others and decide exactly what access each person will have on your calendar. You can let them add and edit events, or simply let them see the information and link it to their own calendar.

It means that each calendar is your group’s “home base,” where every new event and change can be seen by every single person. Each event remains linked to the calendar, so you know everyone will get the latest information every time.

For organizers, this calendar is full of useful information, including who’s coming to your event and even who’s on their way. By turning on the ETA feature, you can see how far everyone is from your event, making it easier for you to plan parties and get-togethers.

What’s next?
We are already working on the next version and have many more updates in development. We’re also very open to feedback and ideas about new features. Allcal is a standalone system that’s not attached to legacy databases, so the possibilities are endless.

So if your group or organization has a unique requirement – let us know! I am willing to bet our solution can handle it.

I hope you enjoy our free iPhone, iPad, and Desktop app and I look forward to hearing from you,

Daniel Cocanougher
Founder and CEO, Allcal

About the CEO: Daniel Cocanougher graduated from Rice University in 1984 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and worked for IBM, then founded FUNimation Productions (sold after 12 years), SKEDS.COM (recently sold to FieldAware) and other successful businesses.

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