Never Forget Thanks to New Dual Reminders Feature

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there are tons of events that take place each day. Whether its school, work or an event such as a birthday party, there are often deadlines that have to be met or time frames that have to be respected in order to complete certain tasks.

In the past you may have nearly missed a meeting that almost lost you an important client or missed a deadline for an assignment. These situations can easily be avoided by downloading the free scheduling app from the Apple App Store and using our new dual reminders feature.

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In our latest version of the app, allcal 2.0.1, not only can you set event reminders, but personal reminders for yourself as well. This means you’ll always have a reliable alert system to inform you about upcoming events instead of solely relying on your memory or outdated systems.

You’ll be sure to impress your friends and loved ones with your new found punctuality. You could very well go from “the person that’s always late” to the person that arrives before anyone. How might you make such a drastic transformation? Simple. Allcal has a quick series of steps that make setting reminders as easy as possible.

Getting Started

Birthday Party Reminder

  1. Tap the name of the calendar that you would like to add your new event to.
  2. Tap the diamond icon with a plus sign in the middle located at the top right of your screen, directly under the Notice Center. This will allow you to add a new event.
  3. On the Event Details screen fill out all the required fields until you reach Event Reminder.
  4. Tap Event Reminder and you will be allowed to choose from a preset list of times when you would like to inform people of an upcoming event. (The options range from 1 minute before all the way to 2 weeks before.) Choose an option and then tap Reminders to be taken back to the Event Details screen.

Allcal Hack: In order for reminders to work effectively, choose an option that will give your invitees plenty of time to prepare for the event while making sure they don’t forget about it. For example: If planning a surprise birthday party, you’ll want to set a reminder at least one hour ahead of time to allow guests to arrive promptly.

  1. Tap Personal Reminder. You will be able to choose from the same list of options as step 4.

Allcal Hack: A personal reminder is set up on an individual user basis. Whereas event reminders inform every guest of an upcoming event, personal reminders only inform the user that has selected it. Personal reminders are useful for giving someone an extra alert before an event takes place so you never miss what’s important.

  1. Choose an option and then tap Reminders to be taken back to the Event Details screen.
  2. Fill out the remaining fields on the Event Details screen and tap save at the top right, directly above the three vertical dots.
  3. Your event has now been saved and reminders will alert you and your invitees according to the times you’ve selected.

Now that wasn’t so hard was it? Sure beats calling everyone up or sending out a mass group message.

To access more features like this, download allcal from the Apple App Store or register online at For more information consult our User Manual or email us at

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