Say Hi, Share Info, and Make Memories with Event Chat

EVENT CHAT_2Planning events is tough, but we do it because the result is always fantastic.

A free outdoor concert brings neighbors together. A last-minute girls night reunites old friends. A monthly birthday party lets coworkers let loose and celebrate together.

So we keep planning, and luckily for you, Allcal’s free SOCIAL PLANNING™ tool makes getting everyone together easier than ever – especially with our brand new event chat feature.

Introducing Version 2.4 with Event Chat

Allcal already lets you chat on calendars, but what about when you just want to talk about a specific party, meeting, or concert?

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That’s why we decided to give you the option to message only the people going to one event, instead of every person on the shared calendar at once.

For example, if you and your girl friends wanted to plan a weekly movie night, you can use event chat to decide which movie everyone wants to see that week. If you’re hosting a monthly birthday party at your office, use the event chat to share what flavor of cake you bought – and send pictures to entice them to come quickly!

Allcal Event chat blog post 3

Allcal events never disappear, even when they’re in the past, so you can even use event chat to share pictures, talk about all the fun things happening, and make memories.

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Keep reading for a breakdown of how to find and use event chat – then go to the app to check it out yourself.

How to Use Event Chat

1. Create an event, such as a monthly birthday party for your office.

allcal event chat blog post 1

2. Invite everyone to your event by using the event invitation section.

Allcal event chat blog post 2

3. Tap on the event chat bar at the bottom of the event details screen to access the event chat.

Allcal Event chat blog post 3

Allcal Hack: Quickly see if the person chatting has RSVP’d to the event, by viewing the status bar right above their profile picture.

How to Chat on Public Events

You can also chat on public events where anyone can message about the event.

1. Tap on a public event on one of your added public calendars, or a public event you added to your personal calendar.

Allcal public event chat 1

2. Go to the Event Invitation section.

Allcal Public Event Chat 2

3. Select the Public Calendar Name under Groups of users.

4. Tap the Event Chat bar.

Allcal Public Event Chat 3

Event Chat makes it even easier to get organized on Allcal – the free social planning app. If you and your friends aren’t already connected on Allcal, you can our free calendar app or check out our free social planning web app.

Questions? Feedback? Email us at so we can help solve any of your planning needs.

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