How-to: Schedule Your Group on Allcal

FBpostGroupAllcal is perfect for a small-to-medium group of people looking to schedule and keep track of all the events they want to do together. By creating a shared private calendar between the whole group, every member will be able to simply open their allcal app and see the activities scheduled for their group.

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A fitness group could organize and create a shared private calendar, allowing all members to receive updates whenever a new workout is added to the schedule or if there is a change to an event.

For example, if a workout is rained out, the organizer could cancel the event in Allcal, knowing all users will know – instantly.

Fitness groups, book clubs, or even a band

FreewayBandAllcal user Paul found our free SOCIAL PLANNING™ app while looking for a way to schedule his band.

“I am a member of a local band called ‘Freeway’ we are a five-member band and use Allcal to keep track of our gigs and what dates we are not available.”

With a shared private calendar, Paul and each of his band members can quickly add the date, time, and location for each of their performances and practices.

If anything needs to be rescheduled, the update shows up on every person’s phone, plus sends a push notification to other members, making sure they’re aware of the last-minute change.

“We tried several other calendars, but none of them worked like Allcal. It does everything we need.”

Allcal’s private calendar feature also keeps your small-to-medium group protected. No one can view your calendar or schedule and its events unless they were explicitly invited by the owner or member of the calendar, so you can feel safe knowing that your information will stay within your group.

Creating your group’s calendar

To start creating your group’s calendar, download our free iPhone or iPad app, or go to our website.

Once you register, you can quickly create a private calendar, then share it directly with your members via email. The first time they download Allcal, they’ll get a notification asking them to accept your calendar. If they need more help, here’s a quick guide you can share:

Allcal Tutorial_1

That’s all it takes!

For more help getting started, read our step-by-step guide below, or contact us at You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter – any questions will be answered in less than 24 hours.

– The Allcal Team

Getting Started

1. Get each member to download the allcal app and create an account.

2. Tap on the Main Menu in the top left corner of the screen.

3. Tap on Add calendar to create a private calendar.

4. Enter the information that you want to put in your calendar and tap Save when you are done.

5. Open the Private Calendar settings by opening the calendar, then tapping the Calendar Settings button (the three dots) across from the calendar name.

6. Decide which permissions to give everyone with Default Permissions.

Allcal Hack: Each user automatically gets View, Add, and Share permissions on a private calendar. If you want all users to be able to edit events, you can make that change in the Calendar Sharing section.

5. Tap on the Calendar Sharing section.
6. Enter the name or email of each member to share the calendar.

Allcal Hack: The owner can change individual user’s permissions by tapping on the different permissions next to the user’s name.

Each shared user will receive a notice asking if they want to accept the calendar share. By tapping YES, the calendar will immediately be visible on their My Calendars screen. Share the image below to help them get your calendar:

Creating Events

Allcal offers several features that make creating events for a group easier than ever, such as:

  1. Reminders – Make sure everyone in your group remembers when your next event occurs by adding reminders to events.
  2. Recurring events – This lets the organizer schedule events that repeat on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

More Options

1. Private vs. Public – If you want to expand and promote your group, make it public. This allows all users to see and join your group calendar.

Allcal Hack: Make sure to put the location of your group in either the title or description, making it easier for people in your area to find you!

2. Changing Ownership – If the leader of the group changes – or decides to go on a food binge and quit exercising – he or she can transfer ownership to another member of the group to put them in charge.

If you need more help to schedule your group, go to our User Manual or contact us at

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