How-to: Schedule Your Organization on allcal

OrganizationAllcal’s shared calendar app is perfect for organizations because it helps them manage and keep track of all their activities in one place.

An organization probably needs two types of calendars – a public calendar listing all its public events, and several private calendars for smaller groups. With allcal, anybody using the app will be able to view events on the public calendar, while only members of the group will be able to view events on the private calendars.

For example, a church using allcal could list its service times or other special public events on a public calendar. That way anyone, either a regular member or new visitor, can see all the public events and add whichever ones he or she wants to a personal calendar.

In addition, private calendars would be created for smaller groups, such as bible studies or youth programs. Events on these calendars would only be available to shared users. Use our step-by-step guide below to schedule your organization and make things easier for all parties involved.

How To Get Your Organization on Allcal:

Creating a Public Calendar:

Public calendars and public events allow anyone on the app to view it.

Getting Started:

1. Create an Administration account for the organization. 2. Create a calendar by tapping the ‘+’ symbol in the top right calendar of the My Calendar screen. 3. Tap the ‘public’ icon below the calendar name to make it public. 4. Access the public calendar through the ‘My Calendar” screen to add public events. 5. Add public events by tapping the diamond in the upper right hand corner of the screen

Allcal Hack: Many organizations have large sub-groups within themselves that have their own events. Those groups may want to create their own public calendar to promote their public events. Creating a Private calendar for a sub-group: A private calendar gives group leaders control over the events and limits who can view or share them. Getting Started:

1. Get each member of the group to download the allcal app and create an account. 3. The group leader creates a private calendar by tapping the ‘+’ symbol in the top right calendar of the My Calendar screen 4. Open the Private Calendar settings by tapping the three dots under the calendar name. 5. Tap on the Sharing option. 6. Enter the name or email of each group member to Share the calendar. 7. Each shared user will receive a notice asking if they want to accept the calendar share. By tapping YES, the calendar will immediately be visible on their My Calendars screen.

Allcal Hack: If there are multiple leaders, the owner of the calendar could give those people full permissions.

Permissions: Public Each public calendar and public event automatically has View and Share permissions, meaning anyone who adds the calendar can see and share all the public events. For public events, we recommend this option – but you can change the default permissions in the calendar settings. For more help, go to our How-to change user permissions post. Private Permissions for private calendars should be set to View, Add, and Share. This allows the group members to see all the events, receive updates, and share the calendar and event with others. If there are multiple leaders, the owner of the calendar could also give
those people the ability to Edit the calendar and events. You can make all these changes on the Sharing page in the Calendar Settings. For more information about what each permission means and how to schedule your organization effectively, click here.

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