How-To: Search Events & Calendars

It’s Monday morning. You need to know what you have going on this week. How do you figure that out in a flash? Answer: Search Events.

On the free allcal app, your events come from all over the place – just like in life. You have a meeting for work, your niece’s dance recital and a double-date with your spouse. All these events come from different people and different calendars, but they’re all important.

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To make it easy to find them, we created a way to simply search events from all your calendars at once, and see everything you have on your schedule.

Website_Share PicGetting Started

1. Tap the search event icon at the top right of your My Calendars screen.

2. You automatically see six options:
a. Today: Shows all events happening today.
b. Tomorrow: Shows all events happening tomorrow.
c. Yesterday: Shows yesterday’s events.
d. Today to Friday: All your events until the end of the work week.
e. Today to Monday: Events happening through the beginning of next week.
f. Friday to Monday: Events happening the upcoming weekend. Each option gives you the exact information you need.

Allcal Hack: To search for a particular date, select the search icon and type in the month and date.

Public Calendars

The search event feature also let’s you find new public calendars and events to add.

By going to the the public calendar section, and tapping the search icon, you can search for the name and description of each public calendar.
Allcal Hack: If you created your own public calendar, take advantage of this feature by picking good names and descriptions for your calendar.

Thanks to the search feature, you can keep your events separated by their different calendars or groups, while still getting all your events together in one easy-to-read list view. To search events and calendars download the free allcal app today to start sharing and saving time!

For more help with the allcal search feature, email us at

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