September Wacky Holidays

family, event, funSummer is over – meaning it’s back to school and back to reality for many. But don’t worry, just because you’ll be spending 8+ hours a day at the mercy of your class schedule, doesn’t mean you have to stop being wacky!

To help you, allcal put together a list of September’s Wacky Holidays that will encourage you to have a little fun this month, and maybe even convince some friends to join the fun!

Find a wacky holiday that seems especially cool to you?? Why not create an event on allcal, and invite all your friends to help celebrate!

September 1- National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day
Did you ever just need a day to do things without explanation? Are you a random person that seeks clarity for your spontaneity? Then this is the holiday for you! Be true to your inner self and follow your heart’s desires without regard for human life. Today there is no method to your madness, just good old fashioned fun.

September 5- Be Late for Something Day
You can celebrate by simply being late to “something,” but we suggest being late to your least-favorite activity. School, work, pilates class you hate but already paid for… It’s up to you! PS. With the allcal app, this might be tough to pull off – everyone will know you have the latest event information thanks to our notification center!

September 7- Grandparent’s Day
This holiday is a perfect excuse to get the whole family together. Create an event on a private family calendar, which will automatically go to everyone that’s shared on it, then spend the day enjoying all your family’s wacky habits!

September 9- Wonderful Weirdos Day
This is the holiday to spotlight all of the especially weird people in the world. If that’s you, go extra wacky! OMG, SMH and LOL will be the only reactions you receive today.

September 10- Swap Ideas Day
Find out what’s really going on in your friends’ brains. Remove the cobwebs from your cerebral and unlock your mind’s untapped potential by bouncing ideas off one another. With any luck you could stumble upon a moment of genius – but more likely just get a good laugh out of it!

September 12- National Video Games Day
Calling all video game geeks! Can’t get enough of Call of Duty or Madden? Grab all of your online friends and go head-to-head in your favorite video game. Regardless of the genre or class of game, solve puzzling mysteries or destroy environments to your heart’s content. Whether using a console that’s old or new, there’s a video game just for you.

September 15- Make a Hat Day
Unleash your creativity and you’ll find you can make a hat out of almost anything. Whether you’re using it to be stylish or using it to block the rays of the sun, there are several tools you can use to construct the perfect hat for you. Extra points if you can do it without using Pinterest.

September 16- National Play-Doh Day
Re-immerse yourself back into your childhood by molding objects only bound by your imagination. Make deformed clay figures or roll the biggest ball of doh ever witnessed by human eyes. It can even be fun to throw! Just remember, in this case size does matter.

September 19- International Talk Like a Pirate Day
Have you maybe watched Pirates of the Caribbean one too many times and envisioned yourself on a mystical quest with Captain Jack Sparrow himself? Well grab your eye patch, compass, and commandeer a ship to set sail out on the open seas. Don’t forget your fancy pirate lingo. All hands on deck! I reckon it be time for an adventure.

September 20- National Seat Check Day
Every once in a while you find the perfect spot on the couch or an absolutely comfortable seat that you don’t want to give up. At work or school you may have come accustomed to sitting in the same place everyday because it’s your “thinking chair.” Well today these special spots are only reserved for you. No need to put a huge sign with your name on it or place an article of clothing there. That spot is your throne for the taking!

September 21- National Women’s Friendship Day
Ladies!!! This is your holiday. Get on your shared friends calendar, and plan a day of shopping, pedicures, or binge-watching Orange is the New Black.

September 25- National One-Hit Wonder Day
For this wacky holiday, remember the fallen greats of the music industry who had so much promise. Play songs like “Come Get It” by Aaron Carter and “You’re the Only Woman” by the Brat Pack to commemorate these popular musical failures. Don’t recognize these names? Exactly. Blast the music anyway.

September 28- Ask a Stupid Question Day
Remember when your mom used to tell you the only dumb questions are the ones you don’t ask? How is that working out for you as an adult? Fortunately, this holiday lets you have free reign to ask any question you want without snarky remarks or people ignoring you. Ask the absolute dumbest and silliest question you can think of and listen intently to the response you get. Just don’t be shocked by the answers you receive. Remember, you did ask a pretty stupid question.

Now wasn’t that refreshing!? It’s amazing how a little bit of wacky fun can make you feel so amazing and ready to take on school, work or whatever comes your way. Download the free allcal app to keep track of the holidays, and start planning all the fun with friends and family today!

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