How-to: Share your Personal Calendar


Every new user automatically has a Personal Calendar. Similar to other calendars, you can use it to keep track of your day. Unlike any other solution, you can easily share your calendar with your family and others who matter.

This means you can share your week including your work schedule with your entire family as well as co-workers and even your boss. With our advanced set of permissions, it’s even possible to decide exactly who sees what on each calendar.

To get started, add a few events to your Personal Calendar by tapping the diamond on the top right. When you are finished making the event, be sure to save it by tapping the save button across from the event title.

Open the Personal Calendar settings by tapping the Calendar Settings button (three small dots) under its title.

Allcal Hack: If you don’t like your calendar’s color, you can change it in the calendar settings.

To connect others to your calendar, tap Calendar Sharing.


Here you can enter the name or email address of the people you want to have access to your calendar such as your family. If they are already Allcal users, their name and picture should immediately come up. If they are not Allcal users, they will get an email that says that you shared your Personal Calendar with them.

The Sharing page will show each person as a “Pending User” until he or she has confirmed the calendar share. You will also get a notification letting you know they got your invitation and accepted it.

Allcal Hack: To make it easier for family and friends sharing your calendar, rename your Personal Calendar to something more distinguishable, such as “Martha’s Calendar.”


You have several security and permission options on your Personal Calendar – View, Edit, Add, and Share. Whatever you set in the Default Permissions will apply to new people shared to your calendar.

View: This user may see each event on your calendar.

Edit: This user can edit each event on your calendar, except ones that you did not add.

Add: This user can add events to your calendar.

Allcal Hack: You may give a user only add permissions, meaning he or she can put events on your calendar, but won’t be able to see what you’re up to.

Share: This user can share your events and calendar with others.

You can also override an individual user’s permissions on the Sharing page, by tapping on any of the permission options next to his or her picture.


What exactly does all this sharing mean for you?

It means instead of trying to figure out when you’re free for lunch, any family member can simply look at your calendar, view your work schedule, and add the event. Instead of wondering when you’ll be home from work, your family can check out your work schedule directly from their smartphone. And before asking you to complete another major project, your boss can see your work schedule and view that you’re right in the middle of an important business lunch – though I can’t promise your boss will necessarily care!

Regardless, the ability to share your Personal Calendar will save time for both you and your family as well as the other important people in your life.

For more help sharing, creating Private Calendars, or publishing Public Calendars, check out our blog or email us at We love feedback, questions, and concerns!

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