Startups Share Their Projects at Pitch Night in Dallas

“I can’t believe how many people are here,” exclaimed a newcomer to the Dallas startup community during Tuesday’s Dallas New Tech.

The monthly event gives founders the opportunity to pitch their companies to a crowd of tech, startup, and entrepreneur-minded people from across North Texas.

IMG_1743Pitch Night in Dallas

Five startups put their products and plans on display at the March event then fielded questions from a supportive, yet critical audience. Some pitchers were new to the scene, but a few have been long-time members of the Dallas startup community, including Andrew Zusman, Vice President of Product for Skyrise

“Skyrise is the result of thousands of hours of hustling,” Zusman says “It is something I am proud of and telling my peers about the fruits of our labor is a source of morale.”

Dallas New Tech let them share what they’ve been working on, and hopefully find community members that can open doors to new opportunities.

“Startups need transparency in order to grow and part of that openness is grabbing a mic and telling audiences why you are passionate about your work.”

Introducing Dallas Startup Week 2016

Home Page Image_2_LargeNewcomers quickly realized this is just one of the several packed events thrown each month to help grow Dallas’ entrepreneur community. The group is also gearing up for its big annual event next month, Dallas Startup Week.

The official schedule
, available only on Allcal, was debuted at Dallas New Tech.

“Organizers already have so many interesting, engaging events on the calendar for Dallas Startup Week 2016, and they’re adding more every day,” explains Kiara Rodriguez, Allcal’s Marketing Associate. “Anyone wanting to learn more about this community or how to start their own business should mark this week in their calendars.”

To learn more about the free, five-day conference, check out the schedule on Allcal.

About Dallas Startup Week

Dallas Startup Week is a free, five-day celebration of our community that builds momentum and opportunity around entrepreneurship.

About Allcal
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Follow the Allcal Team’s busy schedule of great events on our Allcal Events public calendar, or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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