Strike a Pose! Allcal Now Lets You Share Pictures

Here’s the thing about calendars – they’re kind of boring. This probably seems like a pretty strange thing for us to say, considering allcal is a calendar and scheduling app.

But allcal isn’t like any other calendar, because it’s a system that’s productive AND fun. Our latest update, Version 1.4.5, is all about making calendars more fun thanks to the ability to share pictures directly on your calendar.

With this new feature, you can keep track of all your events and all the cool pictures you take at them, all in one app! Friends Chat

How it works: Each calendar has a group chat that allows everyone to talk about the various events they’re attending. Now, when you open the chat at the bottom of the calendar page, you’ll see a camera icon above the keyboard. You can either upload a picture from your Photo Library, or take a new picture with your Camera.

This means anytime you and your friends are out and about, you can take pictures of all the stuff you’re doing, and share them with everyone in the group – even those who couldn’t make it to the event. The pictures never disappear and will always be linked to your group.

Security: We know there’s been a lot of concern with keeping pictures and other things private once they go in the cloud. But with allcal, a picture you post on a private calendar remains within your private group. On each calendar, you decide exactly who has what permissions.

For example, you can let one person see your events, chat messages, and pictures, but give someone else only the ability to see when you are Free or Busy. Thanks to our advanced security features, you can feel secure knowing your pictures won’t be visible by anyone who isn’t shared on your private calendar.

Public Calendars: Privacy is great – but what if you want everyone to see that awesome picture of you on the Dallas Cowboys jumbotron? You can share pictures with fellow fans by uploading them to one of allcal’s Public Calendars.

Anyone who has added the Public Calendar to their account will be able to see the picture, and compliment you on your awesome team spirit! This is also a great way for organizations to collect pictures from its events. By allowing attendees to post their own pictures directly on your calendar, you’ll have an entire collection of photographs from all angles of your event!

Start Snapping & Start Sharing!
To share pictures on allcal, go the Apple App Store and download Version 1.4.5. Or head to our Web App to check out its latest upgrade, including the ability to edit cover photos on Public Calendars. If you have any questions about the latest version, please contact us at

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