10 Summer Family Fun Events

Playing with Bubbles

When kids are bored, they automatically go to electronics to entertain them. This summer, pull your kids away from gameboys, leapfrogs, and iPads. Instead use technology to haul your kids outside and spend the summer doing events as a family. Here are 10 free activities that contribute to family fun.

1. Visit a Local Farmers Market
This can be a great outing event for the whole family. Teach your kids about all of the different vegetables, fruits, and grains that can be bought there.

2. Backyard Obstacle Course
Build an obstacle course in your backyard using pool noodles, hoola-hoops, and jump ropes. Then time each family member as they go through it.

3. Make Personal Pizzas
Encourage kids to get creative while creating their own personal pizza. Bake a few extras on the side – in case some experiments don’t go so well. To help get you started, try this pizza dough and sauce recipe. For a healthier alternative, substitute whole wheat flour in the crust.

4. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
Grab the kids in the neighborhood, make teams, them give each a list of household items. Tell each team to go around the nieghborhood, knock on doors to find who has each item. Spread some goodwill by insisting each team has to do a chore for the neighbor in exchange for the item!

5. Be A Movie Star
First write a script. If you need ideas, try thinking of storylines or characters from your kids favorite shows. Then grab your camera and start filming! Remember, bloopers are the best part!

6. “Working at the car wash..”
Plan this event for a warm summer day. Get the family dressed in swimsuits, grab the hose and wash the car. It’ll inevitably turn into a water fight – but at least you’ll get a clean car first!

7. Go to Hawaii
Or at least pretend to, by making leis and having a louw! All you need is an elastic string, colored craft foam, and drinking straws.

8. Make a Birdhouse!
Let’s face it, kids love crafts. Creating a birdhouse out of popsicle sticks is a classic. Buy a pack of popsicle sticks at a local arts and crafts store and get started.

9. Build a Fort
Grab some pillows and blankets and create a fort in your living room. Play games, have dinner, watch a movie…maybe even stay the night.

10. Make Your Own Board Game
Let each family member create his or her own board game using cardboard and markers – then play! There will undoubtedly be some fun confusion and last-minute rule-changing.

To find more things to do not only with your kids, but as a whole family, go to allcal Shared Calendar and find all of the different events that are available in the DFW area. Have family fun the entire summer with allcal!

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