How-To: Embed a Public Calendar

If you’re an organization, finding a way to reach a large number of people and communicate to the masses is an important part of the way you do business. With allcal you can create a public calendar for everyone to see and embed it onto your website to attract and interact with the people you want to reach. No advanced coding needed here – it’s as easy as copy and paste! … Read More

North Texas Beer Week Spotlights Local Brew Scene

North Texas Beer “Week” (put in quotations because it’s actually 10 days long), starts Friday, October 31. That’s when craft breweries, local bars, and beer fans will get together for 10 days of tasting brews and celebrating this relatively new Dallas-Fort Worth scene. … Read More

Team Connects Businesses to Allcal at IEDC

The Allcal Team showed the app to at least 100 economic leaders who traveled from all over to learn about how to strengthen business development in their cities. They learned about our multi-platform app and it’s innovative features, particularly what it could mean for small businesses. … Read More

Sharing Calendars: It’s a Family Affair

Introducing your mother to a new piece of technology can be a terrifying event. You know she’ll ask questions – ridiculous, yet sincere questions – and you’ll have to fight the urge to look at her in horror. … Read More

Allcal Shared Calendar Version 1.1 Hits the App Store

Great news! Version 1.1 of the allcal shared calendar app is officially on the Apple App Store. The latest version includes several improvements, including an updated notification center, more stabilized timezone feature and an fun new color scheme to make planning better. … Read More