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iCal vs Allcal

iCal may be convenient – after all, it’s already sitting right on your iPhone homepage! But the calendar app is seriously lacking when it comes to features you need to schedule and manage your events. What features exactly? We broke down the differences in our blog. … Read More

How To: Create a Public Calendar

Organizing people together shouldn’t be hard, even for public events. Luckily allcal makes that possible by letting users create and publish Public Calendars that everyone can see and download.
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How-to: Change User Permissions

When it comes to sharing your calendar, the allcal team knows that you want control of your events and calendars. With that in mind, we created four types of permissions. … Read More

Wacky July Holidays

For those of you just looking for ways to slack off at work, the month of July has a holiday every day. Here is a guide on how to celebrate them. Good luck getting these past your boss. … Read More

12 Tips to Have an Awesome Summer

If you find yourself out of ideas this summer, then we have some fun ways to spend the summer. Check out these fifteen activities to do over the summer that may give you inspiration for something great this season. … Read More

History of Memorial Day: Uniting a Broken Nation

Nobody quite remembers how Memorial Day started, but it’s a widely accepted holiday that is meant to remember those who gave their lives for our country. It began at a time when Americans were terribly divided. … Read More