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Startups Share Their Projects at Pitch Night in Dallas

Five Dallas-based startups put their products and plans on display at the March event then fielded questions from a crowd of tech and startup enthusiasts. … Read More

Team Connects Businesses to Allcal at IEDC

The Allcal Team showed the app to at least 100 economic leaders who traveled from all over to learn about how to strengthen business development in their cities. They learned about our multi-platform app and it’s innovative features, particularly what it could mean for small businesses. … Read More

How To: Get Your Small Business on Allcal

Allcal is the ideal app for a small business looking to expand and keep track of all its employees. By creating a FREE allcal account, the owner and every employee will be able to simply open their allcal app and see all the activities and deadlines scheduled for their business. … Read More