A Team Calendar For Coaches, Players, and Family


Stop texting, calling, and emailing every time there’s a game delay or court change.

Instead, keep the coaches, players, and family members in the loop throughout your season with Allcal, a free calendar app for iPhone, iPad, and Desktop.

Download Allcal from the Apple App Store

With the free app’s unique sharing capabilities, you can create one calendar with every practice, game, and tournament. Then share the entire calendar with all the players and parents so they can see the schedule on their smartphone or computer.

Plus, any changes you make to the events or calendar will instantly show up on every single person’s calendar. They’ll even get a pop-up notifying them of the last-minute change!

By using Allcal to schedule your team this season, you’ll be able to communicate instantly with every coach, player, and parent.

How will they stay updated?

Allcal’s unique system keeps everyone updated with a real-time calendar.

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That means anytime you update an event on your phone or computer, it will instantly update on all your players, parents, and coaches’ calendars. It will even send a pop-up notice if its an important change, such as a last-minute game delay.

How do I share my team’s calendar?

It’s easy!

After you create a calendar, open the Calendar Details and invite people to join through their email.

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For more help, email us at team@allcal.com

How many people can see the schedule?

As many people as you want.


There’s no limit to how many people can be shared on your team’s calendar.

How do I get started?

Simply download the Allcal app on your iPhone or iPad, or create a free account on our Desktop app.

Create your Public Calendar, add some upcoming events, then start sharing! There’s no limit to how many people can follow your calendar, and any changes you make will instantly be updated on all of their devices.

For more help, go to our Frequently Asked Questions page. You can also contact our team directly at team@allcal.com, or by reaching out on Facebook or Twitter.

Parents, received an invite but need help?

Click our help page for a quick start demonstration of how you can get started easily.


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