10 Classic Christmas Decorating Ideas

If you’ve run out of ways to decorate your home for Christmas this year, check out our list of ten classic Christmas decorating ideas. You will wow your guests with the go-to classics done up in your own special way. With all of your cool Christmas decorating skills, you just have to invite people over to your place this year! Plan your big Christmas party using the free Allcal app to make getting people together a whole lot easier! Deck your halls with these decorations and Allcal!


What’s Christmas without some beautifully bright lights? Well, it wouldn’t be well lit that’s for sure! So go get your home all twinkly this Christmas season and make sure Santa and his reindeer can see your house from space.


Santa Figurines

It’s not Christmas without a little “Ho-ho-ho” in the mix! Place little or big Santa’s all around your living space to really invite the old guy in this year.


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Nativity Scene

Angels, we have heard on high, that nativity scenes are a must! Put one outside your home to invite in the true spirit of Christmas.


Gingerbread House

How awesome does a little house inside your house sound? Very Awesome! Decorate a gingerbread house with all the trimmings and make sure people don’t eat the gumdrop siding.


Christmas Tree

This decoration is so important that it has a christmas song named after it. It’s an essential piece for anyone’s Christmas so make sure a Christmas tree is fit snug in your place this time of year.


Santa Sleigh and Reindeer

Get all the kids in the neighborhood excited to stop outside your house for a glimpse at the jolly old man himself on the sleigh! Watch them wonder when santa will reach their house and if all those presents can really fit on his sleigh!


Candy Canes

Decorate your house with sweet treats filled with minty cheer. Just don’t eat those weird spicy candy canes!


Snowman Figurines

Invite the cold weather into your home or keep it on display outside your home by putting up snowman decorations. Let the snowman’s cold façade warm your hearts this holiday season!



A classic christmas decoration that adorns the front door of every home during the Christmas season. You can go all fancy or stick with the traditional look just make sure your wreath welcomes all who come up to your door!


Jingle Bells

Oh, so many songs to quote for this one! Why don’t you jingle all the way to the store and get some jingle bells to decorate your home for Christmas. Can’t you tell that we love Christmas puns?


Hope you enjoyed our 10 classic Christmas decorating ideas. Use allcal for all your scheduling needs and plan fun events to do with family around the holidays.

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