Ticketing Made Easy

Allcal is a low-fee ticketing and event calendar service. Promote and sell tickets on your site, on social media, a standalone ticket purchase page and through the app. We provide all the tools to make this simple.


Easy To Use

We Can Handle It

Need to offer tickets to a free event? Done. Sell recurrent tickets for a museum gallery, golf tee times or yoga sessions? Easy peasy. Need to collect membership dues and banquet tickets? Been there, done that! Producing a play and need to sell tickets? It's showtime! Concert venue looking for a new partner? We're your new best friend!

Hold Multiple Events Throughout The Month?

Add an event calendar to your site and start selling.

Golf Course Tee Times

Show a daily list of tee times with limited amount of slots to purchase

Yoga Studio

Create a monthly calendar of yoga classes and workshops that allows people to sign up and purchase.

Concert Calendar

Is your venue looking for a new ticket vendor? Build a concert calendar to embed or your site and sell tickets to every event.

Art Exhibitions

Do you hold art gatherings? Host them with us!

How To Create An Event Ticket

Step 1

Make an event calendar on Allcal and select “Create an Event”

Step 2

Fill out the event details and select “Add Tickets”

Step 3

Type the name for the tickets along with the total of tickets to offer, maximum tickets per person and price per ticket.

Step 4

Sign up or log in to your Stripe account to accept payments.

Signing up for a Stripe account take only minutes.

(PayPal is coming soon as another option.)


Step 5

After you select “Create Tickets” you are ready to share the link to purchase tickets.

How To Purchase A Ticket

Step 1

Attendees can purchase tickets on your site and your event listing on the Allcal app.

Step 2

Ticket pricing is easy to explain and to purchase.

Step 3

Tickets can be printed or shown on a mobile device.

Use Allcal Tickets Validation app to check-in guests at your event.

Scan using a QR code or type in the code manually.

Step 4

Ticket owners can assign and transfer their tickets to other people.

Flat Rate Fee Stucture

For FREE Tickets, we are absolutely FREE. ZERO Charges for the seller and buyer. We want ticket selling to be transparent. For paid tickets, all credit card processing fees are included in fee the buyer pays. You receive immediate access to your funds.

Let's Get Started!

Let us know what type of event you want to set up for tickets.

We’ll follow up in less that 24 hours.