Update Debuts Better Way to See All of Your Events

Allcal already lets you see all of your events, from family, to work, to your nephews’ rock band concerts, on one calendar app.

Now with its latest update, you can see all the events from all of your calendars, in one place.

One Quick Glance

This new feature lets you quickly decide which calendars are the most important, then see everything scheduled on those calendars in one quick glance.

For somebody managing a lot of different clients and assignments, that means seeing what he or she has to get done for every project. For a parent who’s trying to keep up with several different volleyball, baseball, and soccer practices, this means one tap shows which kids need to be where in one view.

Prioritize Your Events

This feature also means you can leave out calendars and events that may not be as important.

The app automatically shows you all your calendars and all their events, but you can easily only see the calendars and events that matter to you.

For a small business owner that’s keeping track of several employees and campaigns, selecting only the calendars he or she wants to see means they have the ability to make decisions quickly – a necessity for someone trying to grow a business. For a relative that wants to know what their nephew is up to some of the time, this feature means you have the information only when you want it!

How Does it Work

1. Go to the My Calendars section

2. Tap on the All Events bar along the bottom of the screen.

All Events from calendar

You will automatically see all of your events from all your calendars on one screen. If you want to select exactly which calendars you see…

1. Tap the back arrow button

All Events2

2. Select the question mark diamond icon to the right of the All Events bar.

3. Deselect the calendars that you don’t want to see by tapping on their names. You can also deselect all and add them back one-by-one.

4. Tap done

All Events menu


Questions? Problems?

We here at Allcal are always thinking of new ways to improve our already great calendar-sharing solution. Do you have any suggestions? Email us at team@allcal.com, check out our website, or our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Are you new to Allcal? Download our app to get in on the calendar sharing fun.

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