Allcal Shared Calendar Version 1.1 Hits the App Store

Great news! Version 1.1 of the allcal shared calendar app is officially on the Apple App Store. The latest version includes several improvements, including an updated notification center, more stabilized timezone feature and an fun new color scheme to make planning better.

Plus Icon

From the beginning, the allcal team has made creating a highly-functional shared calendar app its #1 priority. Because of that mindset, our key feature – sharing – is working better than ever.  You can share and plan events easily with this latest version. That means we could finally take some time to make the app prettier than ever!

On the left is our original design and fun color scheme. On the right is the latest design with a brand new blue background. It was a strategic choice, of course.

Blue symbolizes confidence, intelligence and stability – things we’d like you to associate with allcal. AND it just so happens to match our fun logo! Win-win!

So enjoy the latest version of our allcal shared calendar app, and don’t forget to plan all your events with allcal. As always we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at

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